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Annual Report – Glossy

2020 – Emerging Stronger

2019 – A World of Joy

2018 – Our Delightful Numbers

2017 – A Journey Full of Joy!

2016 – #Share the Joy

In this digital age, social media has become a part of our everyday lives as we constantly connect with people and share experiences online. In this year’s annual report, we showcase the excitement and delight that our products bring our customers, moving them to share their joy online. Just as social media has found its way into our lives, Jollibee Foods Corporation products have, likewise, found their part in our customers’ everyday happiness.

2015 – JFC Annual Report

2014 – JFC Annual Report

2013 – JFC Annual Report

2012 – Branding great taste. How do you brand great taste?A brand is like a person. It is truly unique. Its name clearly reminds of some things; to consumers – its benefits, its promise of high quality. Branding is about creating that identity. At Jollibee Foods Corporation, we create and serve great tasting food. Always, the food taste must be worthy of the brand name. Through concise and catchy taglines, we communicate to consumers the brands’ promise of high quality.

2011 – Drive to a greater future. Jollibe Foods Corporation (JFC) continues to create lasting and memorable moments with family and friends as it shares the joy of eating locally and around the world. With its store network exponentially growing in numbers, JFC has set its sights on bigger dreams for future expansions. JFC seizes the dream of putting up each brand in interesting key locations across the globe, to delight the diverse palates of the international market. Visualizing these aspirations with artistic renderings, JFC shares its imagination and bold dreams towards its Drive to A Greater Future.

2010 – Spreading the joy of eating to everyone. Sharing a meal is more than just dining on delicious food. It is about spending time with family, friends, and colleagues. Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC) understands this and strives to make each dining moment a delightful experience. With its diverse variety of brands and food choices, JFC reaches a broad range of customers from different walks of life all over the word – truly spreading the joy of eating to everyone.

2009 – The Place is a Brand. What makes a brand? More than just a name and a logo, a brand has character. It can be formal or playful, aged or young, traditional or modern, elaborate or simple. A good brand does not just deliver its benefits. It does so with distinctive style! The brands of Jollibee Foods Corporation serve great tasting, great value food. They provide dining experience in a place designed to delight in a way that is consistent with the brands’ character. In this annual report, we feature our restaurants showing the different personalities of our brands.

2008 – Growing by Adapting the Flavors of the World. THE WORLD IS GLOBAL, BUT ITS TASTES ARE LOCAL. People adapt foreign foods but change them to their tastes. This is natural. Taste preference along with those of aroma, texture, and presentation evolved over hundreds of years, influenced mainly by the kinds of plant and animal food that grow in their geography. Local preferences are hard to change.This presents challenges and opportunities for those serving food in many countries. They should understand and satisfy the local tastes. If they do, they would have new markets. Their array of cuisines and flavors would also expand, giving them even more chances to serve a wider variety of food to other peoples in other places. For Jollibee Foods Corporation, this is one of the meanings of “growth”.

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