Corporate Governance

Code of Business Ethics and Business Conduct

The Company’s Code of Ethics and Business Conduct is rooted in its strong core values of honesty, integrity, trust and
excellence. The Company endeavours to maintain the highest standards of business ethics as well as full compliance
with all relevant laws, rules and regulations. As such, it ensures that a system is in place which will enable all
stakeholders: employees, vendors, franchisees, suppliers and other external stakeholders, to submit reports, complaints,
or any other information regarding any fraudulent, illicit or unethical activity in an anonymous and confidential manner,
without fear of reprisal.

The Company observes honesty and integrity in its dealings with all of its stakeholders: government, customers, business
partners, employees and the general public. The Company conducts its business and performs its duties with
uncompromising integrity and professionalism. The Company considers its franchisees, lessors, suppliers, service
providers and other outside parties as its valued partners in the Company’s growth. The Company equally treats all its
customers with respect and courtesy.

The Company’s Code of Business Ethics and Code of Discipline have been disseminated to all directors, senior
management and employees and all levels in the Company are responsible for and required to administer the Code of
Business Ethics, including investigating alleged violations and determining corrective actions.

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