I am a Chickenjoyer Fan Meet

Calling all Chickenjoyers! Join the I am a Chickenjoyer Fan meet on February 17, 2024 at the Trinoma Activity Center. Order at least Php 100 worth of Chickenjoy products from February 15-17 from any Jollibee Store to claim your event pass.

DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-186590 Series of 2024

Participating Stores

  • Participating Stores

    From February 15-17, You may purchase Php 100 worth of Chickenjoy products from any Jollibee store nationwide. On February 17, present your receipt at the event registration area at the Trinoma Activity Center to claim your event pass.

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is the promo mechanics?

    1. Every 100-peso single receipt purchase of Jollibee  Chickenjoy will entitle a customer to 1 event pass to the I am a Chickenjoyer Fan Meet. The P100 purchase requirement is net of discounts.  
    2. Solo attendees will receive a single (1) Event pass, regardless of the total value of their receipt exceeding P100.  
    3. If customers are coming in as a group, customers may present individual receipts or one single receipt bearing the required amount of purchase: 
    • 100 pesos = 1 Event Pass  
    • 200 pesos = 2 Event Passes  
    • 300 pesos = 3 Event Passes  
    4. Transactions must be made from February 15- 17, 2024 only at any Jollibee Store. 
    5. For delivery transactions, customers may purchase any Chickenjoy product by placing their orders through our hotline #87000, JollibeeDelivery.com, Jollibee App, GrabFood, or FoodPanda, but must present the actual printed receipt upon entry to the event. Screenshots of online delivery are not allowed. 
    6. Customers must present the actual receipt from Jollibee to the event registration to receive the Event Pass. Event Pass is only valid for the whole day.

  • When is the event and what time does it start?

    The “I Am A Chickenjoyer Fan Meet” will be on February 17, 2024 at the Trinoma Activity Center, Quezon City. Event will be from 11:30am to 10pm. 

  • If I have a receipt from Jollibee worth P100 but it’s not for Chickenjoy, is my receipt valid?

    No, the P100 purchase requirement is for Chickenjoy products only. 

  • If I bought multiple items from Jollibee including Chickenjoy and other products, is my receipt valid?

    As long as the P100 purchase requirement for any Chickenjoy product is met, the receipt will be valid for the offer.

  • If the total amount of my order is P100 but I applied SC and PWD discounts and my final bill ended up being less than P100, is my receipt valid?

    No, the P100 purchase requirement is net of discounts.

  • Can I buy Chickenjoy from any Jollibee store or only receipts from the Trinoma branch are valid?

    Yes, you can buy Chickenjoy products at any Jollibee store. 

  • I have a receipt for Chickenjoy products that I bought before Feb 15-17. Is my receipt valid?

    No, only transactions made from Feb 15-17, 2024 are valid.   

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