About Us

A company that values family

Jollibee was founded by Tony Tan and his family with its humble beginnings as an Ice Cream Parlor which later grew into an emerging global brand. At the heart of its success is a family-oriented approach to personnel management, making Jollibee one of the most admired employers in the region with an Employer of the Year Award from the Personnel Management Association of the Philippines, Best Employer in the Philippines Award from Hewitt Associated and a Top 20 Employer in Asia citation from the Asian Wall Street Journal.

Aside from promoting a family oriented work environment, the brand’s values also reflect on their advertising and marketing. Jollibee knows their target audience very well: the traditional family and all communication materials focus on the importance of family values, making Jollibee the number one family fast food chain in the Philippines and a growing international QSR player.

A Well-Loved Brand

Customer satisfaction has always been key to Jollibee’s success. Never losing sight of its goals, Jollibee has grown to be one of the most recognized and highly preferred brands in the Philippines. Now the market leader among fast food chains in the Philippines, claiming a market share that totals to more than half of the entire industry.

Great tasting products and quality systems

Jollibee’s growth is due to its delicious menu line-up – like its superior-tasting Chickenjoy, mouth-watering Yumburger and Champ hamburger, and deliciously satisfying Jollibee Spaghetti -ably complemented with creative marketing programs, and efficient manufacturing and logistics facilities. It is made possible by well-trained teams that work in a culture of integrity and humility, fun and family-like. Every Jollibee outlet welcomes customers with a clean and warm in-store environment and friendly and efficient service.

And it is this tried and tested formula of delivering great-tasting food, adherence to world class operating standards and the universal appeal of the family values the brand represents that are driving the expansion of Jollibee both locally and in the overseas market.

Widest store network in the Philippines and an emerging global player

Jollibee is the largest fast-food chain brand in the Philippines, operating a network of more than 1,400 stores. A dominant market leader in the Philippines, Jollibee enjoys the lion’s share of the local market that is more than all the other multinational fastfood brands in PH combined. The company has also embarked on an aggressive international expansion plan, with more than 270 international branches in the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, Macau, Brunei, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Italy, and in the United Kingdom.

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A Triumph for and of the Filipino and a source of Filipino pride.

Jollibee dedicated its continuous success to the Filipinos who have been there from the very start.

Jollibee is so well-loved everytime a new store opens, especially overseas, Filipinos always form long lines to the store. It is more than home for them. It is a stronghold of heritage and monument of Filipino pride.

Company Headquarters

Jollibee Plaza Bldg.
F. Ortigas Jr. Road (formerly Emerald Avenue)
Pasig City, Philippines
Telephone: (632) 634-1111
Website: www.jollibee.com.ph


  • Customer Focus
  • Speed with Excellence
  • Humility to Listen and Learn
  • Spirit of Family and Fun
  • Integrity


To serve great tasting food, bringing the joy of eating to everyone.

FSC Standards

Jollibee’s phenomenal growth owes much to its strict and committed adherence to high standards as symbolized by “F.S.C.”: Food (F) served to the public must meet the company’s excellence standards or it will not be served at all; the Service (S) must be fast and courteous; and Cleanliness (C), from kitchen to utensils, must always be maintained. Jollibee is proud of its employees who carry out their jobs.

Jollibee recognizes them by providing the highest compensation and benefits packages in the fastfood industry, and modern and comprehensive training programs. Managers are regularly updated on the latest store operations systems, people-oriented management skills, among others. Service crews are trained on various store stations and food-service innovations. Jollibee also offers career opportunities for qualified and exceptional crew members to further their food-service careers as managers.

Store operations are ably supported by professionals who are experts in Marketing, Computer Management and Engineering.

The Commisary

Thanks to the Jollibee Commissary System, ensuring the manufacture and distribution of safe and high- quality food in the most cost-efficient manner is made possible.

There are three Commissary System sites: Santolan, Pasig City; Mandaue City, Cebu; and the central site in Canlubang, Laguna. The System, which operates 24/7, manages Jollibee’s total supply chain process.

The Jollibee Pasig City commissary has production lines for breads and sauces, and is the distribution center for North Manila and North Luzon. In 1996, Jollibee opened the Vismin Foods Corporation (VFC) in Mandaue City, Cebu to service the Visayas and Mindanao areas. VFC has its own bread, pie, sauce, and frozen patty lines.

The Laguna commissary is the biggest and most advanced in the country and among Asia’s best. Operated by Zenith Foods Corporation (ZFC), a full subsidiary of Jollibee, the newest commissary is on a 6-hectare property in the Calmelray Industrial Park. Aided by custom-made mechanized equipment, the production lines are for the marinated Chicken Joy, frozen patties and pies, breads, sauces, hotdogs and other meat products, and dry blended goods. ZFC can service over 800 Jollibee and Greenwich stores.

The chicken marination line can produce as many as 150,000 pieces a day while about 480,000 hamburger patties a day is turned out by the frozen patty line. The breadline is designed to match the volume output of patties, i.e. also about 480,000 pieces a day. The pie line can produce as much as 157,000 pocket pies in a 20-hour operating day. Currently, pies are exported to Jollibee stores in Hong Kong, Guam, Saipan, Brunei, and the USA. Various sauce products are processed in the ZFC sauceline including those for the Jollibee bestsellers, spaghetti and palabok.

A professionally staffed Technical Services Team supports the maintenance of an internationally accepted quality management system that further ensures the quality and safety of the commissary manufactured food products. High caliber teams from Engineering, Human Resources, Information Management, Finance and Accounting likewise provide support to the Manufacturing and Logistics operations of the Commissary.

Proof of Jollibee’s adherence to high quality standards is the various awards it garnered for the commissaries: in 1997, the commissary in Pasig earned the Outstanding Industrial Plant in the National Capital Region from the Laguna Lake Development Authority and the Most Improved Industry awarded by the Sagip Pasig Movement while Commissary Plant Engineer Romy P. Fernandez was awarded as one of the Top Ten Most Outstanding Pollution Control Officers of the Philippines.

In 1998 also, the frozen patty line in the Pasig commissary was awarded an ISO 9002 certification by the SGS (Societe’ Generale Surveillance) Yarsely, an international certification body. 2004 is a banner year for Vismin Foods Corporation (VFC) who has been assessed and certified by the National Meat Inspection Commission of the Department of Agriculture, to have fully met the requirements and standards of Good Manufacturing Practice, reinforcing the commissary’s “AAA” accreditation granted by the same agency.

Milestones / History


  • Mr. Tony Tan and his family opens a Magnolia Ice cream parlor at Cubao. This will later become the 1st Jollibee Outlet.


  • Jollibee posts 1st year sales of P2 million
  • Jollibee is incorporated as a 100% Filipino-owned company, with seven Jollibee fast food restaurants within Metro Manila as its initial network.
  • The Yumburger becomes its first flagship product.


  • Spaghetti Special is introduced.
  • Jollibee’s first franchised-store opens at Ronquillo, Sta. Cruz, Manila.


  • Jollibee launches its 1st TV commercial.
  • Jollibee’s Chickenjoy and French Fries are launched.
  • The well-loved Jollibee mascot is conceived to support brand awareness and identity efforts. Other mascots are later introduced.
  • Jollibee’s Chickenjoy becomes one of its best-selling menu items.


  • Jollibee Foods Corporation enters the list of Top 1000 Corporations in the Philippines.
  • Jollibee ended the year with 10 stores


  • Jollibee pioneers the use of in-store promotions, novelty premium items and Kiddie Birthday packages for kids.
  • Palabok Fiesta is introduced.


  • The Langhap-Sarap TV ad Campaign is launched.
  • Chickee and Lady Moo join the Jollibee mascots.


  • Champ hamburger is launched.
  • Jollibee enters list of Top 500 Corporations and assumes market leadership in local fast food industry.
  • Mascots Champ and Hetty join the Jollibee family.
  • WEA gives Jollibee the Gold Record Award for outstanding sales of Jollibee songs.


  • Jollibee becomes the market leader in the fast food industry.
  • Breakfast Joys are introduced.
  • The “Langhap-Sarap” campaign is awarded as the most effective ad campaign in the food category during the 9th Philippine Advertising Congress.


  • Jollibee wins the 9th International Foods Award from El Comestible in Barcelona, Spain.
  • Tony Tan wins the Agora Award for entrepreneurship given by the Philippine Marketing Association.
  • The Philippine’s Top 250 Corporations list includes Jollibee Foods Corporation.
  • Jollibee adds Chunky Chicken Sandwich in its menu.


  • Sales of P570 million pushes Jollibee into the elite Top 100 Corporations.
  • Jollibee opens 1st fast food outlet in Brunei, marking its entry into the global market.


  • Jolly Twirls softserve is successfully launched.
  • Jollibee’s system-wide sales hit P921 million, further leading market share of 31% in the fast food industry and a dominant 57% share in the hamburger segment.
  • Jollibee celebrates its 10th year anniversary.
  • Tony Tan is named one of the Ten Outstanding Manilans.
  • Jollibee wins the Anvil Award for outstanding PR campaign in relation to the achievement of its marketing objective on its Filipino Talents campaign.


  • 2nd Brunei store opens.
  • Balut and Ligaw TV commercials wins the Kidlat Award in the Service and Leisure Products category during the 11th Philippine Ad Congress.
  • Jollibee sales hit the P1.3 billion mark, giving the brand the distinction as the first fast food chain to surpass the billion-peso sales mark.


  • Jollibee adds Jolly Hotdog, Chickenjoy Take-Me-Out, Coleslaw, and Peach Mango Pie to its ever-growing menu.
  • Jollibee post sales of P1.8 billion.
  • Tony Tan is awarded the Triple Award by AIM as Outstanding AIM Alumnus.
  • Jollibee receives the Excellence in Marketing Management Award from the Asian Institute of Management.


  • Jollibee opens its 1st store outside Luzon in Cagayan de Oro City.
  • Jollibee’s 100th store opens in Davao City.
  • Jollibee opens a record high of 35 new stores.
  • Jollibee launches its Pancakes and Jolly Meals.
  • Jollibee sales hit a whopping P2.65 billion.
  • The Lola TV commercial wins the Grand Araw Award and an award of excellence for the promotion of Filipino Values during the Philippine Ad Congress.
  • Jollibee receives award for the Outstanding Corporate Safety Consciousness Programs by the Safety Organization of the Philippines (SOP).


  • Jollibee sales hit the P3.365 billion.
  • Jollibee improves its softserve ice cream line by offering fruit-flavored ice cream.
  • Jollibee corners 73% if the Hamburger segment.
  • Jollibee has 112 stores nationwide.
  • Jollibee maintains its advantage over its competitors by acquiring more than 50% share of the fast food industry.


  • On July 13, JFC is listed in the Philippine Stocks Exchange with an initial offering of P9.00 per share.
  • In October 1993, JFC shares are being sold for P20.00, a windfall or more than 135%.
  • Marketing launched its At Home Ako sa Jollibee ad campaign, focusing on Jollibee’s loyal customers.
  • Jollibee introduces the Kiddie Pack Promo.
  • JFC moves to Jollibee Centre Building in Ortigas Center, Pasig, for its new Main Office site.


  • 148 Jollibee stores nationwide by year-end.
  • JFC expands into the pizza-pasta segment with the acquisition of Greenwich Pizza Corporation.
  • Jollibee is cited as one of the leading companies in Asia by the Far Eastern Economic Review.


  • Jollibee opens an additional 20 stores in the Philippines,bringing its total store network to 168.
  • Jollibee successfully opens stores abroad: Guam, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Jeddah, and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


  • Jollibee opens its 200th store in Malolos Bulacan.
  • Jollibee is cited again as one of the leading companies in Asia by the Far Eastern Economic Review.
  • Jollibee’s system-wide sales increase to P8.29 billion which translates to a market share of more than 50% among all hamburger fast food chains.
  • Jollibee has 208 stores nationwide.
  • Mary’s Chicken was born; a semi-self service restaurant and another Jollibee subsidiary.
  • The company reengineers its visual identity system.
  • Amazing Aloha is launched.
  • The 1st Jollibee store kanyain Hong Kong opens.
  • Jollibee launches various projects, such as Maaga ang Pasko sa Jollibee and Chikiting Patrol: at Home Ako Dito. These projects’ main objective was to protect and contribute to the development of the Filipino children.


  • System-wide sales increase to P11.17 billion.
  • Jollibee launches “Kaya mo Kid” project which aims to instill positive values to children and help them achieve their dreams and ambitions.


  • Jollibee opens in Daly City, Califorina, its first store in the USA.
  • The company celebrates its 20th year anniversary.
  • Jollibee opens 62 stores nationwide, bringing its total store network to 300.
  • Jollibee opens its 300th store in Balagtas, Bulacan.
  • Jollibee receives the ISO 9002 Certification for its frozen patty line.
  • Jollibee wins the Employer of the Year Award.


  • Jollibee opens 50 stores nationwide, which increased the store count to 350 stores.
  • The Cheezy Bacon Mushroom Burger is introduced to its line of specialty burgers.
  • Far Eastern Economic Review cites Jollibee as the Philippines’ leading business corporation.


  • 31 more Jollibee stores open, bringing the total to 381 stores.
  • Jollibee acquires Chowking .
  • For the 3rd straight year, Far Eastern Economic Review ranked Jollibee as the Philippines’ leading company.
  • Asian Business Magazine ranks Jollibee as the Most Admired Company in the Philippines and the 3rd over-all in Asia, surpassed only by global giants General Electric and Microsoft.
  • JFC’s system-wide sales reach P20 billion.


  • Jollibee opens its 400th store in Intramuros.
  • System-wide sales rose to 18.8% to P24.11 billion. Income reaches P959 million.
  • JFC store network expands to 800 restaurants, which includes Greenwich and Chowking stores.


  • Revenues almost reach the P27-billion mark. JFC number of stores exceeded 900.
  • Tony Tan is named MAP “Management Man of the Year”.


  • JFC store count reaches 988 nationwide.
  • For the sixth straight year, the Far Eastern Economic Review ranked JFC as the Philippines’ Leading Company.
  • Jollibee celebrates its 25th year.


  • Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Tony Tan Caktiong is named Ernest and Young’s 2004 World Entrepreneur of the Year.
  • Jollibee opens its 500th store in Basilan.
  • Jollibee inaugurates its biggest and most modern commissary in Camelray Industrial Park in Canlubang, Laguna with President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo as guest of honor.
  • JFC acquires its 1st foreign brand – Yonghe King, a fast food chain in China.
  • The Jollibee Group Foundation is established.


  • JFC acquires Red Ribbon Bakeshop.


  • Ernesto Tan Mantiong receives Corporate Citizen Award of the year from CNBC Asian Business Leaders Awards.


  • Jollibee opens 600th store in Aparri, Cagayan.
  • Jollibee opens Las Vegas outlet.


  • Jollibee launches Jollitown, the first children’s TV show in the country to be produced by a fast food chain.
  • Tont Tan Caktiong and Ernesto Tan Mantiong are featured by BBC and CNBC Managing Asia, respectively.
  • Jollibee marks its 30th anniversary.
  • Jollibee bested some of Asia Pacific’s biggest multinationals as it bagged the FMCG and F & B Asia Pacific Supply Chain Excellence Award at the SCM Logistics Excellence Award held in Singapore.
  • Zenith Foods Corporation, the commissary plant of JFC, adjudged the national winner of Meat Processing Plant AAA category in the search for Best Meat Establishment of the National Meat Inspection Service.
  • Jollibee strengthens US network with the opening of three new stores.
  • Jollibee wins the Award of Excellence in the Philippine Quill Awards for Media Relations Program(30th anniversary campaign).
  • Jollibee bags CMMA and three Araw Values Award.
  • Jollibee stages first ever holiday musical special for children dubbed “A Magical Christmas at Jollitown”.
  • Jollibee and the Jollibee Franchisees Association launched the 30th anniversary special novelty offering – Hug and Share Doll. Proceeds of the sales will all be donated to charity.
  • Biggest and grandest Maaga ang Pasko caps off Jollibee’s 30th anniversary. Total of more than 117,000 toys and books collected were the highest ever in the campaign’s 14-year history.


  • Jollibee opens its 700th store in Baguio City.
  • Jollibee opens its first store in Qatar.


  • Jollibee opens its first store in Hawaii, USA.
  • Jollibee launches its first Family Values Award.


  • Jollibee opens its first store in Kuwait.
  • Jollibee is named by New York-based magazine Travel + Leisure as one of the best fast food chains in the world.


  • Jollibee celebrates its 35th anniversary.
  • Jollibee opens in Singapore, which has a record first-day sales.
  • Jollibee opens its 800th store in Malaybalay, Bukidnon.
  • Jollibee opens its 100th international store in Jubail, Saudi Arabia.
  • USA’s Restaurant Business Magazine includes Jollibee as among the 50 fastest growing chains in the United States.
  • Tony Tan Caktiong, JFC’s Chairman & CEO, is named Global Filipino Executive of the Year at the Asia CEO Awards.
  • JFC’s systemwide sales breaks the P100-billion sales mark.


  • Jollibee is named Outstanding Food Retailer-Large Category at the Philippine Retailers’ Association Awards.
  • Jollibee opens its 100th store in Mindanao.
  • Jollibee is included among the top 10 international fast food restaurants in the United States by The Daily Meal.
  • Jollibee is hailed as “best international restaurant chain” by US-based food and lifestyle website, Thrillist.
  • JFC’s stock price reaches the P200-level.
  • Jollibee’s official Facebook account breaches 1 million likes from Facebook users.


  • Jollibee opens its 900th Philippine store in Palo, Leyte.
  • Jollibee reaches its 1000th store as it opens its first store in Dubai, UAE.
  • Jollibee opens its first store in Bahrain.



  • JOLLIBEE bested some of Asia Pacific’s biggest multinationals as it bagged the FMCG and F & B Asia Pacific Supply Chain Excellence Award at the SCM Logistics Excellence Award held in Singapore.
  • Zenith Foods Corporation, the commissary plant of JFC, was adjudged the National winner of Meat Processing Plant AAA category in the search for Best Meat Establishment of the National Meat Inspection Service.
  • JOLLIBEE wins Award of Excellence in Philippine Quill Awards for Media Relations Program (30th anniversary campaign).
  • CMMA Best Radio Ad branded “Hongkong” radio ad.
  • Silver Araw values award “Hongkong” radio ad.
  • Araw Values Award special citation for Jollitown TV.


  • ETM receives Corporate Citizen Award of the year from CNBC Asian Business Leaders Awards.


  • Tony Tan Caktiong named World Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst and Young.


  • Tony Tan Caktiong, CEO & President of Jollibee Food Corporation, was awarded 2004 World Entrepreneur of the Year by Earnst & Young.
  • The Most admired corporation in the Philippines by Asian Wall Street Journal Revoiew 200 (formerly Far Eastern Economic Review 200) for 7 consecutive years (1998-2004).


  • The Most Admired Corporation in the Philippines by the Far Eastern Economic Review for 6 consecutive years (1998-2003).
  • The Asia Money Magazine adjudged JFC as the country’s “Best Small Company” based on market capitalization for 2 consecutive years (2002-2003).


  • The Asia Money Magazine adjudged JFC as “Best in Operational Efficiency” based on the financial rations.
  • “Management Man of the Year” – Tony Tan Caktiong by MAP.


  • Recognized as one of the “Top 20 Best Employers in Asia” and the Number 1 in the Philippines by Hewitt Associated and the Asian Wall Street Journal.
  • Cited as Best Employer in the Phils. Ranked # 16- Best Employers in Asia.
  • Listed as Asia’s Most Admired Companies:
    • No.1 Philippine Company
    • No.1 Consumer Company in Asia
    • No.1 in Contribution to Society
    • No.1 Growth Potential
    • Listed among Asia’s Top Ten (Quality of Products and services, Quality of Management and Honesty and Ethics)
  • Top Philippine Company – REVIEW 2000 (3rd straight year)
    • Ranked #1 – Innovative in Responding to Customer Needs
    • Ranked #1 – Company that Others try to Emulate
    • Ranked #2 – High Quality services / Products
    • Ranked #3 – Management has long Term Vision
    • Ranked #5 – Financial Soundness


  • No.3 Overall Ranking in Asia (surpassed only by General Electric and Microsoft) – Asia Business Magazine.
  • 1999 Grand Anvil Award for “Sabi ng Jollibee, ‘Kaya Mo, Kid!'” – Public Relations Society of the Phils.
  • Award Excellence, Public Affairs Programs for Arts and Culture for “Sabi ng Jollibee… ‘Kaya Mo, Kid!'”.
  • Values Advertising Award for “Buhay Linggo” TV campaign – Phil. Association of National Advertisers.
  • Outstanding Fast-Food Chain – Consumer’s Union of the Philippines (11th ANCA).
  • Best TV Commercial “Buhay Linggo” TVC 45s/30s – Catholic Mass Media Awards.
  • Best Print Ad “Patawad Po” Print Ad – Araw Values Awards.
  • Licensee of the Year – First FILSCAP Awards.
  • Outstanding Filipino Franchise of the Year (Hall of Fame Awardee) – Philippine Franchise Association, Dept. of Trade & industry & The Philippine Chamber of Commerce & Industry.


  • Lifetime Achievement Award – Tony Tan Caktiong by Across.
    • #3 Most Admired Company 1999 – Asian Business
    • #19 Products and Services
    • #14 Management
  • Outstanding Fastfood Chain – Consumers Union of the Philippines.
  • “Bed” and “Banana” TVCs – PANA Monthly Award for May.
  • “Banana” KMK TVC – Ad of the Month – Creative Guild.
  • “Dangal ng Bayan” Awardee for Outstanding Food Chain Company – Parangal ng Bayan Awards, Golden Mother and Father Foundation in Cooperation with Who’s who in Nation Building.
  • No.1 in Over-all Leadership
    • Ranked #1 – innovative in Responding to customer needs
    • Ranked #1 – companies that Others try to emulate
    • Ranked #2 – high quality services/Products
    • Ranked #5 – long term vision
  • Review 200, Far Eastern Economic Review.
  • Outstanding Franchise of the Year – Philippine Franchise Association, Dept. of Trade and Industry & The Phil. Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • Outstanding Filipino Franchise of the Year – Philippine Franchise Association.
  • Anvil Award of Excellence (Arts and Culture) and Grand Anvil award for the “Kaya Mo Kid!” campaign – Public Relations Society of the Philippines.
  • #1 Best Asian Company in the Food, drink and tobacco category #2 Company in the Philippines – Euromoney.
  • Citation for providing requirements for accessibility of persons with disability (PWD’s) and Inter-Agency Committee on Accessibility – National Council for the Welfare of Disabled Persons (NCWDP).
  • “Outstanding fastfood chain” 11th Annual Consumers Awards – Consumers Union of the Phils.
  • Outstanding Filipino Franchise of the Year (Franchise Hall of Fame) – Phil. Franchise Association.
  • Licensee for the Year 1999 awardee – Filipino Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers Inc. (FILSCAP).
  • Jollibee has been awarded “Best at Consumer Goods”.


  • Asian Business names Jollibee the Top Company in the Philippines and the Top Retail/Consumer Company in the Region. The publication also places Jollibee within the top ten in the following categories: Ability to cope with regional economic instability (No. 4), profitability in the future (No. 8), potential for growth (No. 8), and quality of management (No. 10). Jollibee is the only Philippine company that figured in the above categories.
  • Jollibee is no.1 in Asia according to the Far Eastern Economic Review (FEER).
  • “Employer Of The Year”
  • Values Advertising Award for “Kaya Mo Kid” TV campaign – Philippine Association of National Advertisers
  • Listed as one of Asia’s Most Admired Companies by Asia Business Magazine
    • No. 1 Philippine Company
    • No. 1 Retail and Consumer Company in Asia
  • No. 1 in Over-all Leadership by Review 200, Far Eastern Economic Review
    • Ranked #1 – innovative in responding to customer needs
    • Ranked #1 – companies that others try to emulate
    • Ranked #2 – high quality services / Products
    • Ranked #2 – long term vision
  • Anvil Award of Excellence for Institutional Advertising – 34 Anvil Awards, Public Relations Society of the Philippines.
  • Araw Values Award for “Centennial” Printed (Branded Ad) Love of Country and Respect for National Customs and Traditions – Araw Values Awards.
  • Araw Values Award for “Halik” Radio (Branded Ad) Love of Country and Respect for National Customs and Traditions – Araw Values Awards.
  • Creative’s Choice for Radio Ad of the Year for “Monks” radio commercial.


  • Jollibee is named Most Outstanding Fastfood Chain during the 9th Annual National Consumers Awards organized by the Consumers Union of the Philippines.
  • Jollibee is cited by the “Sagip Pasig Movement” as one of the most improved companies with its implementation of wastewater treatment and other measures to protect the environment.
  • Far Eastern Economic Review 200 ranks Jollibee 2nd in Overall Leadership in the Philippines as Asia’s Most Admired Company; 3rd in the Philippines for high quality services and products; 1st in the Philippines for innovativeness in responding to customer needs; and 2nd in the Philippines for companies that others try to emulate.
  • World Economic Forum recognizes Jollibee as the Top-Performing Global Growth Company from Asia.
  • Asian Business ranks Jollibee 4th in all of Asia as Asia’s Most Admired Companies.
  • Ranked #2 in Far Eastern Economic Review Annual Review 200 – Far Eastern Economic Review.
  • 4th Most Admired Company in Asia – Asia Business Magazine.
  • 15th place in “Asia’s 50 Most Competitive Companies” survey – Asia Inc.
  • Adjudged as one of the “Most Improved Companies” – Sagip Pasig Movement.
  • Most Outstanding New Product of the Year (for Banana Langka Pie) – Food Technologists Association of the Philippines.
  • Jollibee has been named as one of the 200 “Best Under a Billion” companies in Asia.


  • 9th International Food Award from El Comestible in Barcelona, Spain.
  • Jollibee makes it anew to the Forbes stellar list of world’s 200 best small companies. Far Eastern Economic Review names Jollibee among the top 200 Filipino companies.
  • It ranks Jollibee as No. 2 in overall leadership and No. 1 in innovativeness in responding to consumer needs. It also lists Jollibee No. 4 among Asia’s most admired companies and No. 2 in the retail and consumer industry. The Far Eastern Economic Review and the Asian Institute for Management Award for General Management also recognize Jollibee with this year’s Asian Management Award for General Management. Jollibee is named Agora Awardee for Marketing Company of the Year in the service sector by the Philippine Marketing Association. Forbes Magazine names Jollibee among the World’s 200 Best Small Companies.
  • Asia Inc. ranks Jollibee among Asia’s 50 Most Competitive Companies (No. 15 overall and No. 1 in the Philippines).
  • Included in the 200 Best Small Companies – Forbes Magazine.


  • Asia Business ranks Jollibee as the 7th most Admired Company in the region. Far Eastern Economic Review ranks Jollibee as the second-leading company in the Philippines Forbes includes Jollibee in its survey of the top 100 Companies Outside the United States. Jollibee recieves the Presidential Citation in the annual Golden Shell Export Awards in recognition of its penetration of the international market. (Given by the Department of Industry) General Management Award 1995 Management Awards of Asia – Asian Institute of Management.


  • Ranked #2 in Far Eastern Economic Review Annual review 200 – Far Eastern Economic Review
  • Most Outstanding Food Chain For 1994 – Consumer’s Union of the Philippines.


  • Far Eastern Review ranks Jollibee as #1 company in terms of being innovative in responding to customer needs.


  • “Lola” TV commercial wins the Grand Araw Award and a second award for promoting Filipino Values from the Philippine Ad Congress.
  • Jollibee wins and award for Outstanding Corporate Safety Consciousness Programs from the Safety Organization of the Philippines.


  • Tony Tan is named the Triple A Award winner by the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) as Outstanding Alumnus.
  • Jollibee wins award as the Best Company in the field of Marketing Management from AIM and World Executive Management.


  • Philippine Ad Congress names “Balut” and “Ligaw” commercials the Kidlat Award winner for the year in the Service and Leisure Products category.


  • Tony Tan is named one of the Ten Outstanding Manilans.
  • Jollibee’s campaign for Filipino Talents wins an Anvil Award from the Public Relations Society of the Philippines.


  • Jollibee breaks into the magic circle as one of the Top 100 Philippine Corporations.


  • Jollibee wins the 9th International Food Award from El Comestible in Barcelona, Spain.
  • Philippine Marketing Association names Jollibee President Tony Tan winner of the Agora Award for entrepreneurship.
  • Jollibee makes it to the Top 200 Philippine Corporations.


  • 9th Philippine Advertising Congress cites “Langhap-Sarap” as the most effective campaign in the food category.


  • Jollibee listed as one of the Top 500 Philippine Corporations.
  • Jollibee Mascot Songs win a gold Record from WEA.


  • Jollibee listed as one of the Top 1,000 Philippine Corporations.


Jollibee Maaga ang Pasko – Teaching kids the value and joys of sharing

For close to 17 years now, Jollibee has been leading efforts to spread cheer during the Christmas season via its Maaga ang Pasko campaign, a nationwide toy and book collection drive for the benefit of less fortunate children across the nation. A brainchild of Aga Muhlach and in partnership with the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), Maaga ang Pasko’s goal is simple: to give Pinoy kids and the kids-at-heart an opportunity to share love and hope with their less fortunate little brethren through the magic of toys and books.

Over a decade later, the project has grown to become the country’s biggest and longest-running toy-and-book collection drive — thanks to the support of an increasing number of individuals, schools, companies and other groups who share the campaign’s mission.

Sharing is fun with the Jolly Toy Scouts

The best way to teach the importance of sharing is by making it fun! By enlisting students and employees as Jolly Toy Scouts, we were able to provide them with a concrete but fun way to experience the value of sharing and the joy of giving.

As Jolly Toy Scouts, their tasks include:

  • Volunteering in collecting toys and books from their classmates, friends, neighbors and families
  • Helping in cleaning up and packing the toys so they will look as good as new when they are given to the new recipients
  • Joining the toy distribution drive in their appointed/selected partner schools or identified beneficiary

Each Jolly Toy Scout is given a kit that includes a Jolly Toy Scout neckerchief, t-shirt, merit pin and a sack for their donations.

In 2010, children and adult Jolly Toy Scouts alike from more than 60 partner schools and 33 partner companies served as ambassadors of Jollibee Maaga ang Pasko and led the effort of collecting donations for needy children.

Fast facts about Jollibee MaAga ang Pasko

Total of 1.5 million toys and books collected to date and still growing
Enlisted more than 200,000 Jolly Toy Scouts
Set a record collection of 283,671 toys and books in 2010
Distributed over 500,000 total gifts in 2010 with Jollibee matching every donation with its own Jollibee toy, book or school item

Bigger, More Ways to Share!

Over the past couple of years, Maaga ang Pasko has also evolved into a campaign that mobilized the support of Jollibee customers and volunteers to address pressing needs of the community and the society at large.

In 2008, in celebration of Jollibee’s 30th anniversary, the Jollibee Hug and Share dolls special novelty promo was launched in partnership with Jollibee Franchisees Association and Jollibee Foundation. Sales of the limited-edition dolls raised over P18 million pesos which were donated to eight charitable institutions engaged in programs and projects that directly benefit children. These included Cottolengo Filipino (Rizal), ERDA Tech (Manila), Families and Children for Empowerment and Development Foundation (Manila), House with No Steps (Quezon City), Marcellin Project (General Santos City), Shontoug Foundation (Baguio City), Philippine Children’s Medical Center (Quezon City), and the Busog, Lusog, Talino In-School Feeding Program of the Jollibee Foundation (Leyte).

In 2009, Maaga ang Pasko decided to focus its efforts on repairing schools severely damaged by typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng. Together with Maaga ambassador Aga Muhlach, Jollibee embarked on a Christmas Caravan as it went around distributing toys and books as well as school supplies to some 36 schools from calamity-stricken areas like Taguig, Pasig, Marikina, Cainta, Zambales, Benguet, Pangasinan and Laguna. With the help of the Jollibee Foundation, eight of the most severely affected schools also received additional help by getting either a new classroom, desks, computers and other instructional materials.

In 2010, the campaign sought to actively help in addressing the country’s classroom gap with another novelty promotion, the Jollibee and Friends dolls. Jollibee was able to raise a total of P12 million from the sales of the Jollibee and Friends dolls which, together with the additional P8 million donation from the Jollibee Franchisees Association and the Jollibee Foundation – will be used to build a total of 40 public school classrooms beginning 2011. It also represents Jollibee’s concrete support to the Bayanihang Pampaaralan program, being one of the first private organizations to come forward to help address the classroom gap.

See the Jolly Toy Scouts in Action

“To see a young boy’s or girl’s face light up with a smile upon receiving a toy or a book, even a used one, never fails to tug at my heart. I guess getting a book or a toy makes them happy, knowing that there are people who remember them at Christmas. This project has given more meaning to my Christmas, and to my life, especially now that I have younger children. It has taught me the value of sharing. It has brought me the joy of giving., Aga Muhlach

Masaya kasi nakakatulong kami. Alam namin na pag na-receive ng mga bata yung toys, masaya sila. Gusto kong makita na naka-smile sila, yung masayang-masaya kasi may toys sila. Yun ang magic ng toys… Proud ako bilang Jolly Toy Scout. Alam kong nakakatulong ako kaya nawawala lahat ng pagod ko.” – Lao Alvina Bianca, Jolly Toy Scout

“I think yun po talaga yung pinakamagandang regalo na maibibigay ng isang tao. When you give your time and effort, part of your life na rin po yung binibigay niyo.” – Camille Esquejo, Jolly Toy Scout

Become a partner by signing up as Jolly Toy Scouts now!

With your help, Jollibee Maaga ang Pasko hopes to collect an unprecedented number of toys and books to give hundreds more children extra reasons to smile this Christmas.

This is what we aim to do by asking for your support as a partner of Jollibee Maaga ang Pasko.

Be part of a nationwide cause and bring Christmas joy to more children!

We can do so much more if we work together. By joining hands and working towards one cause, we will be able to make more children feel the Christmas joy


Skills Enhancement and Education Development for Students (SEEDS)



  • What is SEEDS?

Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC) recognizes the importance of post-secondary education and relevant training in enabling Filipino youth to acquire qualifications and develop their skills and competencies to enhance their employability. Thus JFC designed Skills Enhancement and Education Development for Students (SEEDS) Program to be implemented in JFC stores nationwide. SEEDS is a joint project of Jollibee Foods Corporation and the Department of Labor & Employment (DOLE) under the YE-YE Program.

The SEEDS Program aims:

  1. To help qualified students pursue post-secondary education through the provision of financial assistance.
  2. To enable students to acquire job competencies – skills, attitudes and work values through in-store training, thus enhancing employability upon completion of post-secondary education.

What are the Program Components?

          • Increase enrollment rate of youth among marginalized sectors
          • Higher success rate for placement of student

      Interest-free tuition loan (max. amount of P12,000 for semestral schools; P10,000 for trimestral schools and P5,000 per summer term.)

    • Training stipend net of tuition loan
    • SEEDS Trainees can do in-store training for a minimum of 48 hours per cut-off and maximum of 72 hours per cut-off
    • Values formation and leadership development programs
  1. Who Can Participate in the Program?

    • 18-25 years old at the time of application; in-school or out-of-school
    • High School Graduate or its equivalent who intends to enroll in a JFC SEEDS partner school in a post-secondary course, whether academic or technical-vocational or an enrolled student in a post-secondary course, whether academic or technical-vocational.
    • With High School General Weighted Average of 80 and above or its equivalent, if previously enrolled in college
    • Of good moral character
    • Demonstrate character traits that are suited to the service industry
    • Must meet the cut-off rate for the Partner school’s entrance exam
    • Not a recipient of any scholarship grant
    • Priority given to those from marginalized families

  2. Who are the Program Partners?

  3. Sponsors the in-store training:
    1. Jollibee Foods Corporation
    2. Jollibee and other subsidiaries under the JFC group of companies(Greenwich, Chowking, Mang Inasal, Red Ribbon)
    3. Department of Labor & Employment
      1. Benefits:
        • Increase enrollment rate of youth among marginalized sectors
        • Higher success rate for placement of student
      2. Expectation:
        • Guidance & support in program implementation
    4. Bureau of Women & Young Workers under the Youth Education-Youth Employability Program (YE-YE Program)
    5. Accredited Partner Schools
      1. Benefits:
        • Improve enrollment rate & reduce the drop-out rate among students due to financial difficulties
        • Higher success rate for placement of student after graduation
      2. Expectation:
        • Identification & screening of student trainees
        • Monitoring of student trainees
    6. Higher education institutions offering baccalaureate&/or technical vocational programs

Interested students may download the application forms below and submit the accomplished forms to any of Jollibee’s accredited partner schools.

For further inquiries, you may contactany SEEDS partner schools or email us at [email protected].


Download Application Form

SEEDS Application Form (Front)

SEEDS Application Form (Back)

Download List of Accredited Partner Schools

NCR Metro North

NCR Metro South

North Luzon Provinces

South Luzon Provinces

Visayas and Mindanao Provinces


Reaching out through Jollibee Foundation

In December 2004, Jollibee Foundation was established by Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC) to make giving back an organized corporate commitment. The Foundation aims to invest in people and help them succeed in the way Jollibee knows how. This means taking the values, the system, the tools, and the years of experience that has made Jollibee what it is today and sharing it with the people they most ascribe their success to: the everyday Filipino.

Every program the Foundation embarks on is done the Jollibee Way – “grounded on the values that have endeared the brand to millions of Filipinos. These values – “Customer Focus, Excellence, Respect for the Individual, Teamwork, Spirit of Family and Fun, Humility to Listen and Learn, Honesty and Integrity, and Frugality – “are passed on from corporation to employee to customer that results in what the Foundation calls – jollifying –  communities. Among the Foundation’s programs, the two major projects are the Busog, Lusog, Talino school feeding program and the Farmers Entrepreneurship Program.

Busog, Lusog, Talino (BLT) is a school feeding program that addresses hunger among Grades 1 and 2 pupils and helps them to stay in school by keeping them fit and healthy with nutritious daily lunch meals prepared by the pupils’ parents. With nationwide operations, Jollibee store employees visit nearby schools and conduct orientation to teachers and parents on proper food preparation and food safety. They also work with the local government units, Department of Education and private sector partners in monitoring the feeding activity and ensuring program sustainability. The presence of Jollibee stores all over the country and other partnerships enabled the Foundation to expand the program to 450 schools in school year 2011-2012, feeding more than 25,000 pupils since BLT started in 2007.

The Farmers Entrepreneurship program, on the other hand, harnesses the company’s supply chain by giving the opportunity to small farmers to be direct suppliers of Jollibee and other institutional buyers, empowering them to be more productive and profitable. While Jollibee serves as one of the markets, the Foundation’s partners, the Catholic Relief Services and the National Livelihood Development Corporation provide agro-enterprise training, provide access to capital and post-harvest facilities. As a result, a group of farmers from Nueva Ecija have regularly delivered onions to JFC since 2009. What they have earned enabled them to pay off the loans incurred from previous years and to send their children to school without resorting to borrowing, as what had happened in the past.

When a Jollibee Foundation project results in happier, more capable people able to forge a better quality life for themselves and those around them, then the Foundation has truly jollified the community.

To find out more about the Foundation’s programs, please visit http://www.jollibeefoundation.org/

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