FREE Cheesy Yumburger for all FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 Opening Game Attendees

Get a FREE Cheesy Yumburger when you attend the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 Opening Game!

Present your FREE Cheesy Yumburger coupon and Opening Game ticket at Jollibee-on-Wheels Booth at Philippine Arena (Aug 25, 2023) or at any Mega Manila and Bulacan Jollibee store (Aug 25-31, 2023) to claim.

DTI Ref. No. 174199, Series of 2023

Promo Mechanics

  • Mechanics

    1. Attendees of the FIBA Opening Game at Philippine Arena on August 25, 2023 are eligible to get a FREE Jollibee Cheesy Yumburger coupon.

    2. Coupons for the FREE Jollibee Cheesy Yumburger will be distributed on Opening Game Day, August 25, 2023 from 12:00 PM to 9:00 PM at the Philippine Arena entrance. Only one (1) coupon will be distributed per individual.

    3. Redeem the FREE Jollibee Cheesy Yumburger by presenting both the Jollibee coupon and FIBA Opening Game ticket (whether physical or e-ticket) at the Jollibee-on-Wheels booth on Opening Game Day on August 25, or at any Jollibee store within Mega Manila and Bulacan from August 25 – 31, 2023.

    4. Redemption for the FREE Jollibee Cheesy Yumburger is valid for Dine-In, Take-Out, and Drive-Thru transactions only.

    5. One (1) Jollibee coupon AND one (1) FIBA Opening Game ticket, whether physical or e-ticket, is equivalent to one (1) FREE Cheesy Yumburger Solo.

    6. Free Cheesy Yumburger is not convertible to other food items or cash.

    7. Available at participating Jollibee stores in Mega Manila and Bulacan only.

    8. Cannot be used in conjunction with other promos.
    Promo Period: August 25, 2023 | 12:00 PM – 9:00 PM
    Redemption Period: August 25-31, 2023
    DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-174199, series of 2023.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Is this promo available nationwide?

    No, promo is only available in Mega Manila and Bulacan stores

  • Where can I get a FREE Cheesy Yumburger Coupon?

    Customers can get a FREE Cheesy Yumburger Coupon during Ticket Validation at the entrances of the Philippine Arena on the Opening Day of the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 on August 25, 2023

  • I only have the FREE Cheesy Yumburger Coupon. Am I still eligible for the promo?

    You may only redeem your FREE Cheesy Yumburger if you have both your FREE Cheesy Yumburger Coupon AND your FIBA Opening Game Ticket.

  • I only have the FIBA Opening Game Ticket. Am I still eligible for the promo?

    You may only redeem your FREE Cheesy Yumburger if you have both your FREE Cheesy Yumburger Coupon AND your FIBA Opening Game Ticket.

  • Can I exchange the FREE Cheesy Yumburger Coupon with other items?

    No. The Coupon is only valid for Cheesy Yumburger Solo

  • Can I get a Value Meal using the FREE Cheesy Yumburger Coupon?

    No. The Coupon is only valid for Cheesy Yumburger Solo. Any other Jollibee items will be considered a separate order and will have to be paid by the customer.

  • Can I get more than one Cheesy Yumburger with the FREE Cheesy Yumburger Coupon?

    No. One (1) FREE Cheesy Yumburger Coupon and one (1) FIBA Opening Game Ticket is equivalent to one (1) FREE Cheesy Yumburger Solo.

  • What FIBA Opening Game Ticket can I present?

    Customer can present either a physical FIBA Opening Game Ticket or an e-Ticket

  • Can I present a FIBA Ticket for other FIBA Games with the FREE Cheesy Yumburger Coupon?

    No. Only FIBA Opening Game Ticket will be honored along with the FREE Cheesy Yumburger Coupon

  • Can I still redeem the FREE Cheesy Yumburger after August 31, 2023?

    No. Redemption period for the FREE Cheesy Yumburger is only from August 25-31, 2023

  • Participating Stores

  • Participating Stores
    Region/ CityStore Name
    Mega ManilaE.Rodriguez DT
    Mega ManilaBanawe
    Mega ManilaBanawe Cardiz
    Mega ManilaD.Tuazon
    Mega ManilaFishermall
    Mega ManilaPuregold E. Rod
    Mega ManilaQA Garcia
    Mega ManilaWelcome Rotonda
    Mega ManilaMayon
    Mega ManilaNBS
    Mega ManilaQAA
    Mega ManilaRoces
    Mega ManilaScout Tobias
    Mega ManilaSiena
    Mega ManilaTomas Morato
    Mega ManilaRoosevelt
    Mega ManilaTS Visayas 
    Mega ManilaVisayas Ave
    Mega ManilaPhoenix Congressional
    Mega ManilaPG Commonwealth
    Mega ManilaRock Plaza
    Mega ManilaSM Cherry Congressional
    Mega ManilaWilcon Visayas
    Mega ManilaMunoz
    Mega ManilaBago Bantay
    Mega ManilaJackman Plaza
    Mega ManilaSM City 
    Mega ManilaSM City FC
    Mega ManilaTrinoma
    Mega ManilaWest Avenue
    Mega ManilaWest Avenue Edsa
    Mega ManilaWM Munoz
    Mega ManilaCommonwealth Mindanao
    Mega ManilaBatasan San Mateo
    Mega ManilaCommonwealth Batasan
    Mega ManilaCommonwealth Soliven
    Mega ManilaTS Commonwealth
    Mega ManilaSM Fairview 1
    Mega ManilaDahlia
    Mega ManilaDon Antonio
    Mega ManilaFairview Regalado
    Mega ManilaPearl Drive
    Mega ManilaShopwise Commonwealth
    Mega ManilaVillongco
    Mega ManilaNorth Fairview
    Mega ManilaBig R
    Mega ManilaDMMA 1
    Mega ManilaLagro
    Mega ManilaOlympus Arcade
    Mega ManilaRobinson's Nova
    Mega ManilaShell Commonwealth Feria
    Mega ManilaSM Nova
    Mega ManilaKingspoint Sauyo
    Mega ManilaNova Market
    Mega ManilaNova San Bartolome
    Mega ManilaNova Square
    Mega ManilaNova Susano
    Mega ManilaQuirino Hiway Sta. Monica
    Mega ManilaSusano Road
    Mega ManilaKiko Camarin
    Mega ManilaBagong Silang
    Mega ManilaFairview Terraces
    Mega ManilaMetroplaza Bagong Silang Ph 2
    Mega ManilaNorth Caloocan Boundary
    Mega ManilaPuregold Deparo
    Mega ManilaZabarte
    Mega ManilaDeparo Bagumbong
    Mega ManilaVicas Camarin
    Mega ManilaMalinta
    Mega ManilaAyala Cloverleaf
    Mega ManilaBaesa
    Mega ManilaHappy Go Mall
    Mega ManilaPaso De Blas
    Mega ManilaQuirino Highway Talipapa
    Mega ManilaMaysan Road
    Mega ManilaSM Valenzuela
    Mega ManilaValenzuela
    Mega ManilaGen T. De Leon
    Mega ManilaKaruhatan
    Mega ManilaMalanday
    Mega ManilaMalanday Crossing
    Mega ManilaOne Mall
    Mega ManilaValenzuela Town Center
    Mega ManilaLegarda
    Mega ManilaSM Nagtahan
    Mega ManilaAduana
    Mega ManilaMorayta
    Mega ManilaP.Noval
    Mega ManilaTrabajo
    Mega ManilaUST Dapitan
    Mega ManilaSMGF
    Mega ManilaPedro Gil
    Mega ManilaPGH Taft
    Mega ManilaRob Ermita L1
    Mega ManilaSan Andres
    Mega ManilaSan Andres Orosa
    Mega ManilaUN Times
    Mega ManilaTaft DT
    Mega ManilaTaft Quirino
    Mega ManilaHarbour Square
    Mega ManilaPadre Faura
    Mega ManilaRecto Maxim
    Mega ManilaRizal Park
    Mega ManilaVito Cruz
    Mega ManilaPureza
    Mega ManilaSta Mesa
    Mega ManilaIsetann
    Mega ManilaMendiola
    Mega ManilaPaco
    Mega ManilaSta Ana
    Mega ManilaWest Zamora
    Mega ManilaSM San Lazaro
    Mega ManilaCarriedo
    Mega ManilaGalaxy
    Mega ManilaJT Centrale
    Mega ManilaMCP
    Mega ManilaNew Hidalgo
    Mega ManilaQuinta Market
    Mega ManilaRaon
    Mega ManilaTutuban
    Mega Manila999 Ph2
    Mega Manila999 Mall
    Mega ManilaAbad Santos
    Mega ManilaBambang
    Mega ManilaBlumentritt
    Mega ManilaChinese General Hospital
    Mega ManilaTayuman
    Mega ManilaAbad Santos Solis
    Mega ManilaDragon 8
    Mega ManilaPadre Rada
    Mega Manila168 FC
    Mega Manila168 L5
    Mega Manila168 Phase 5
    Mega ManilaDivisoria Mall
    Mega ManilaSto Cristo
    Mega ManilaNorth Harbour
    Mega ManilaDeca Mall
    Mega ManilaGagalangin
    Mega ManilaPlaza Leon Tondo
    Mega ManilaPlaza Lorenzo Ruiz
    Mega ManilaPuregold Maypajo
    Mega ManilaPuregold Pritil
    Mega ManilaQuintin Paredes
    Mega ManilaSangandaan
    Mega ManilaPritil Market
    Mega ManilaBagong Barrio
    Mega ManilaMabini 10th
    Mega ManilaMCU
    Mega ManilaSM City Grand Central
    Mega Manila5th Avenue
    Mega Manila9th Avenue
    Mega ManilaAraneta Square
    Mega ManilaGracepark
    Mega ManilaVictory Mall
    Mega ManilaNorthbay Boulevard
    Mega ManilaConcepcion Malabon
    Mega ManilaFishermall Malabon
    Mega ManilaGovernor Pascual
    Mega ManilaHulong Duhat
    Mega ManilaMalabon Bayan
    Mega ManilaMalabon Citisquare
    Mega ManilaNavotas
    Mega ManilaPotrero Malabon
    Mega ManilaBaras
    Mega ManilaMorong Reloc
    Mega ManilaTanay Highway
    Mega ManilaTeresa 
    Mega ManilaAntipolo Circumferential
    Mega ManilaAntipolo Oliveros
    Mega ManilaRobinson's Place Antipolo
    Mega ManilaTanay Uptown
    Mega ManilaPililla
    Mega ManilaAngono Bayan (M.L.Quezon)
    Mega ManilaBinangonan
    Mega ManilaSM Angono
    Mega ManilaSM Taytay
    Mega ManilaBinangonan Highway
    Mega ManilaPuregold Taytay 
    Mega ManilaTaytay Uptown
    Mega ManilaAntipolo Capitol 
    Mega ManilaSM Masinag 
    Mega ManilaAntipolo Shopwise
    Mega ManilaCogeo 
    Mega ManilaMambugan
    Mega ManilaShell Marcos Hiway 
    Mega ManilaSM Cherry Antipolo
    Mega ManilaSumulong 
    Mega ManilaNew Lores Antipolo
    Mega ManilaKaytikling
    Mega ManilaValley Golf
    Mega ManilaCainta
    Mega ManilaRobinsons Cainta
    Mega ManilaSta. Lucia Grand Mall 
    Mega ManilaTaytay Bayan
    Mega ManilaWaltermart Taytay
    Mega ManilaBayanbayanan-Concepcion Marikina
    Mega ManilaSM San Mateo
    Mega ManilaMontalban Munisipyo
    Mega ManilaMontalban Town Center
    Mega ManilaParang Marikina
    Mega ManilaPuregold San Mateo
    Mega ManilaSan Mateo Reloc
    Mega ManilaSM Marikina 
    Mega ManilaGil Fernando Sumulong Hiway
    Mega ManilaGraceland 
    Mega ManilaMarikina Bayan/ Shoe Ave
    Mega ManilaMarikina Heights (Concepcion)
    Mega ManilaMarikina Riverbanks 
    Mega ManilaPuregold Arvo
    Mega ManilaRiverbanks North Triangle
    Mega ManilaP.Tuazon 13th Ave
    Mega ManilaAli Mall GF
    Mega ManilaFarmer's Market
    Mega ManilaManhattan Parkway
    Mega ManilaMetrolane
    Mega ManilaNew Farmer's Plaza
    Mega ManilaPetron Bonny Serrano
    Mega ManilaSpark Place
    Mega ManilaEdsa Arayat
    Mega ManilaEdsa Aurora
    Mega ManilaEast Avenue
    Mega ManilaEdsa Kamias
    Mega ManilaEdsa Maya
    Mega ManilaEton Centris
    Mega ManilaMatalino
    Mega ManilaShell EDSA NPO DT
    Mega ManilaGreenmeadows
    Mega ManilaKatipunan
    Mega ManilaAnonas
    Mega ManilaAnonas Kamias
    Mega ManilaMetropoli Bagumbayan
    Mega ManilaRob Galleria
    Mega ManilaUP Town Center
    Mega ManilaV. Luna Kalayaan
    Mega ManilaAnnapolis
    Mega ManilaSM Sta. Mesa
    Mega ManilaAurora Gilmore
    Mega ManilaF. Manalo
    Mega ManilaGreenhills
    Mega ManilaN.Domingo
    Mega ManilaRob Magnolia
    Mega ManilaWilson
    Mega ManilaGen. Santos Ave.
    Mega ManilaTaguig Bayan
    Mega ManilaFTI Sunshine
    Mega ManilaPetron Diego Silang
    Mega ManilaShell C5
    Mega ManilaSignal Village
    Mega ManilaVista Mall Taguig
    Mega ManilaWater Fun
    Mega ManilaSM Aura
    Mega ManilaComembo
    Mega ManilaEvangelista
    Mega ManilaGate 3 Plaza
    Mega ManilaM. Concepcion
    Mega ManilaPateros
    Mega ManilaShell C5 Heritage
    Mega ManilaShell Magallanes
    Mega ManilaSouthgate Mall
    Mega ManilaBGC Triangle Drive
    Mega ManilaBayani Road
    Mega ManilaGlobal City
    Mega ManilaMarket Market
    Mega ManilaSheridan Pioneer
    Mega ManilaThe Mind Museum
    Mega ManilaVenice Grand Canal
    Mega ManilaW City Center 
    Mega ManilaMaysilo
    Mega ManilaCityland 10 Tower II
    Mega ManilaGuada EDSA
    Mega ManilaGuada Nuevo
    Mega ManilaKalayaan
    Mega ManilaMakati Ave
    Mega ManilaRockwell
    Mega ManilaShell Buendia
    Mega ManilaValero Villar
    Mega ManilaGlorietta
    Mega ManilaAyala Malls Circuit
    Mega ManilaGreenbelt
    Mega ManilaLandmark
    Mega ManilaMakati Cinema Square
    Mega ManilaPRC Makati 
    Mega ManilaPuregold Makati
    Mega ManilaReposo
    Mega ManilaBuendia - Pasong Tamo
    Mega ManilaBuendia Bautista
    Mega ManilaCash n Carry
    Mega ManilaConvergys
    Mega ManilaMckinley Exchange
    Mega ManilaPhilfirst
    Mega ManilaRufino
    Mega ManilaWM Makati
    Mega ManilaAcacia Lane
    Mega ManilaAglipay
    Mega ManilaBoni Halcon
    Mega ManilaEdsa Guevarra
    Mega ManilaMetromart Boni
    Mega ManilaShaw Blvd Wack Wack
    Mega ManilaSM Light Mall
    Mega ManilaStarmall
    Mega ManilaITC Shaw
    Mega ManilaSM City East Ortigas
    Mega ManilaAmang Rodriguez
    Mega ManilaAmang Santolan
    Mega ManilaAyala Malls Feliz
    Mega ManilaKarangalan - Imelda
    Mega ManilaOrtigas De Castro
    Mega ManilaOrtigas Ext Amang Rodriguez
    Mega ManilaRobinsons Metro East
    Mega ManilaPasig Rotonda
    Mega ManilaC. Raymundo
    Mega ManilaC5 Julia Vargas
    Mega ManilaLuckyGold Lifehomes
    Mega ManilaOne Mercedes
    Mega ManilaPasig Market Ave
    Mega ManilaPasig Simbahan
    Mega ManilaPioneer Center
    Mega ManilaRockwell Business Center Tower 3
    Mega ManilaSM Mega Ground Floor L1
    Mega ManilaSM Mega FC
    Mega ManilaOrtigas Parklane
    Mega ManilaShangrila
    Mega ManilaShaw Escriva
    Mega ManilaTycoon Pearl Drive
    Mega ManilaUnimart Capitol Commons
    Mega ManilaShell SLT
    Mega ManilaSM Muntinlupa
    Mega ManilaFastbytes
    Mega ManilaFestival Mall L1
    Mega ManilaLianas Alabang
    Mega ManilaPlaza Central
    Mega ManilaSouth Park Mall L1 MMMU
    Mega ManilaMadrigal
    Mega ManilaNew SM Southmall
    Mega ManilaPilar
    Mega ManilaAlabang Junction
    Mega ManilaColours Town Center
    Mega ManilaCommerce
    Mega ManilaLandmark Alabang
    Mega ManilaNew LP
    Mega ManilaSipag
    Mega ManilaSM Super Center LP
    Mega ManilaZapote
    Mega ManilaCasimiro
    Mega ManilaNaga Road
    Mega ManilaRobinsons Las Pinas
    Mega ManilaShell Naga Road Diego Cera
    Mega ManilaShopwise Sucat
    Mega ManilaSM Bicutan Annex
    Mega ManilaSM Bicutan Main
    Mega ManilaSM City BF Homes Paranaque
    Mega ManilaBetterliving
    Mega ManilaBF Homes
    Mega ManilaLakefront
    Mega ManilaWM Bicutan
    Mega ManilaOlivarez Sucat
    Mega ManilaParanaque City Hall
    Mega ManilaSM Sucat
    Mega ManilaSucat Road
    Mega ManilaCAA Road
    Mega ManilaEvacom
    Mega ManilaQuirino Medina
    Mega ManilaWaltermart Sucat
    Mega ManilaDomestic Rd.
    Mega ManilaRoxas Blvd. MMPR
    Mega ManilaNAIA T2
    Mega ManilaNAIA T3
    Mega ManilaNAIA T3 Arrival
    Mega ManilaNAIA Terminal 1  Departure
    Mega ManilaNAIA Terminal 2 International Arrival
    Mega ManilaUni Oil
    Mega ManilaBaclaran Bagong Milenyo
    Mega ManilaBaclaran LRT
    Mega ManilaBaclaran Terminal
    Mega ManilaQuirino Baclaran
    Mega ManilaRedemptorist Baclaran
    Mega ManilaRoligon Tambo
    Mega ManilaFive Ecom
    Mega ManilaLibertad Burgos
    Mega ManilaMOA1
    Mega ManilaBuendia Taft
    Mega ManilaEdsa Zamora
    Mega ManilaOkada Manila
    Mega ManilaWellcome Plaza
    Mega ManilaTrium Square
    Mega ManilaAseana One
    Mega ManilaAyala Malls Manila Bay
    Mega ManilaBiopolis
    Mega ManilaBluebay Walk
    Mega ManilaMeridian
    Mega ManilaPhoenix CBP Edsa 
    Mega ManilaPITX Mall
    Mega ManilaShell Macapagal Belle
    Mega ManilaRoxas Strip
    Mega ManilaEdsa Revilla Pasay
    Mega ManilaLiberty Plaza
    Mega ManilaMetropoint
    Mega ManilaPartas
    Mega ManilaPhiltranco
    Mega ManilaSaulog
    Mega ManilaTwo Shopping Mall
    BulacanMalolos Crossing
    BulacanMalolos Bayan
    BulacanRobinsons Malolos
    BulacanGuiguinto Highway
    BulacanSta. Cruz
    BulacanMalolos Terminal Hub
    BulacanWaltermart Malolos Longos
    BulacanShell Balagtas
    BulacanBalagtas Town
    BulacanWM Guiguinto
    BulacanBocaue Lolomboy
    BulacanSM Marilao
    BulacanTungkong Mangga
    BulacanSto Niño
    BulacanSapang Palay
    BulacanSJDM Starmall
    BulacanEMA Town Center
    BulacanSM SJDM
    BulacanPetron Marilao
    BulacanWM Plaridel
    BulacanPlaridel Highway
    BulacanSta. Maria
    BulacanWM Sta Maria
    BulacanSta. Maria Highway
    BulacanPulong Buhangin
    BulacanPulilan Junction
    BulacanSM Center Pulilan
    BulacanBaliuag Bayan
    BulacanBaliuag Junction
    BulacanSM Baliuag
    BulacanSan Miguel
    BulacanSan Rafael
    BulacanSan Ildefonso Highway
    BulacanWaltermart Baliwag
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