The brand name Jollibee was initially coined to denote bees busy and happily working together to produce the sweetest honey.

Jollibee’s employer brand is “Beelong”. The word “bee” in “Beelong” connotes employees in Jollibee who are happily working together to produce the best results. By being a member of the Jollibee family, employees find the belongingness they desire.

As an organization, Jollibee differentiates itself from other employers as a Filipino-brand going world class, an industry benchmark on service excellence and a company with a strong family culture.

In Jollibee, employees feel pride in being a Filipino, are involved in a cause through the work that they do and experience strong positive support through the relationships they have built inside the organization. Because of these, an employee identifies himself in Jollibee, not only because he feels the warmth and concern of a family, but also because, in Jollibee, he finds who he is as a Filipino and as a contributing member of the society, thereby, finding the sense of belonging that he needs.

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