Developmental Programs

Future Leaders Program (FLP)

Future Leaders Program aims to provide high potential fresh graduates from the top & most respected universities and colleges in the Philippines, a competitive development program designed to equip them with true-to-life work challenges that intentionally prepares them to become the future JFC leaders.

Emerging Leaders Program (ELP)

The program aims to strengthen the Middle Management pool of JFC by developing high potential officers to become managers.

LEAP & Leadership Enrichment Thru Accelerated Development (LEAD)

LEAD, in partnership with the University of Asia & Pacific -South East Asia Business School (UA&P-SEABS), is offering the Accelerated Management Program in cooperation with the highly experienced business professors of one of the world’s top business schools. It offers an executive education program specially designed for owners and senior executives of successful enterprises. It aims to equip participants with tools needed to compete in today’s business environment.

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