Engagement Programs

Jollibee believes that employee happiness is the key to prosperity in the organization as highly engaged employees are more productive when they are happy in their workplace. With this, Jollibee continues to revolutionize more ways to engage employees through the My Bee Happy Plan.

As Jollibee’s employee engagement program, My Bee Happy Plan aims to provide avenues for employees to enrich their lives by fulfilling social obligations and taking a break from the usual buzz of their work through productive and wholesome activities. The program allows flexibility to cater to the Company’s ever-growing multi-generational workforce with diverse needs and preferences, and accountability by encouraging each store team and main office division to plan out and pursue their own version of the approved activities. Employees are enabled to choose their own fun.

My Bee Happy Plan comprises engagement activities that boosts health and wellness, family bonds, spiritual involvement, community relations and social responsibility, and work relations.

With this, Jollibee provides employees with a work environment that is NICE: nurturing, inspiring and cares for everyone.

Bee Fit

Bee Fit encourages employees to pursue the betterment of their health and wellness. Exercise and eating healthy is known to improve morale and reduce stress levels. A lot of sub-units pursue gym sessions, fun runs, healthy eating seminars and the like.

Family Fun Day

Family Fun Day gives time for employees to strengthen family bonds by spend time with their colleagues and family on a day trip outing. This creates a positive atmosphere that nurtures family ties not just in a nuclear family, but also in the work family. Sub-units like going to pool resorts, cinemas, and sharing a hearty meal with everyone.

Bee One with God

Bee One with God anchors on spiritual involvement which strengthens values and provides support to employees in finding meaning in life events and defining individual purpose. Employees have done their own versions of Visita Iglesia wherein they would visit churches and offer prayers. Others have invited spiritual speakers to facilitate inspirational and introspective sessions.

Bee Involved

Bee Involved promotes community relations and social responsibility as employees partner with beneficiaries such as children’s hospitals, orphanages and small communities to give joy and hope, and exemplify good practice of obliging social responsibility. Popular outputs are throwing Jolly Kiddie Parties for children living in depressed areas and hospital visitations by Jollibee himself.

Happy Bee Club

The Happy Bee Club aims to strengthen work relations through giving employees’ a way to get together no matter which store or main office division they’re from by matching their hobbies and forming a club. Clubs are categorized into two: sports and physical activity, and hobbies and interests. Employees can pursue their chosen activities with their group as their support and inspiration.

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