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  • Emmanuel "Wawel" (father) - President, St. John's Health Network
  • Mila "Mila" (mother) - housewife
  • Mary Grace Therese (daughter, 15 years old)

The Mercado family inspires others by sharing their unique story through articles in magazines, radio and TV programs. They also give talks, recollections and retreats in church communities and schools. Through Wawel's initiative, in their daughter's school -- Multiple Intelligence, they were able to launch and sustain the Cambantoc Reforestation project in cooperation with Tranca Elementary School, UPLB forestry, Forest Club & the MI School. Last March 2011, Wawel was awarded for the intrapersonal intelligence award for the inspiration that he gives to families, for his advocacies for persons with disabilities and for the environment. The family is also involved in advocating for the implementation of the accessibility law in the Philippines.

DEPLA FAMILY (North Luzon)

  • Ireneo (father) - company welder
  • Flordeliza "Flor" (mother) - midwife
  • Irvin Lenard (son, 17 years old)
  • Irene Joy (daughter, 13 years old)
  • Ivan Justine (son, 6 years old)

Flor is a midwife who volunteers her services in the barangay. She is also acts as a guarantor for women in her barangay who wants to put small businesses. She conducts seminars for new mothers in her barangay. All family members are active in the different projects of their barangay (e.g. medical missions, etc.).


  • Edonis (father) - businessman, psychologist
  • Christine (mother) - businesswoman, life coach
  • Denise Patriara (daughter, 17 years old)
  • Denise Czarina (daughter, 15 years old)
  • Denise Beatrice (daughter, 4 years old)

The Francisco family started a feeding program in Gumaca, Quezon in 2009. They have also organized feeding programs in 43 sites in Lucena City. They conduct this program every 6 months, 3x a week and monitors growth of the children (90% growth). The family also organizes medical missions and helps others financially. They assisted children with cleft palate in their surgery.


  • Ernesto (father) - professor at University of St. La Salle
  • Ma. Remedios "Mardi" (mother) - NGO Manager
  • Alexandra (daughter, 19 years old)
  • Cesar Ernesto (son, 15 years old)
  • Simon Pedro (son, 14 years old)
  • Rosario Carmelina (daughter, 13 years old)

Ernesto and Mardi facilitate and give talks to couples with the Christian Family Movement's Discovery Weekend and Marriage Encounter. While all of their children speak and regularly facilitate in the 7 Habits for Highly Effective Teens workshops and Youth Aid's Kids for Peace summer workshops.


  • Rey (father) - lawyer
  • Marjorie (mother) - ACLC school director
  • Rey Jr (son, 18 years old)
  • Thea Danielle (daughter, 16 years old)
  • Hannah Katrina (daughter, 13 years old)
  • Kiara Raye (daughter, 9 years old)

The Cartojano family are all active members of the Red Cross. Rey is a board member of the Gensan Red Cross chapter and assists in the legally and policy making works of the organization. Maya was an active member of the Quezon City Red Cross and helped during rallies, disasters and national convention. Meanwhile, Rey Jr and Thea are trained first-aiders and volunteers during disasters, bloodletting and other community service events.

The family launched several websites and blogs to help promote General Santos it's many local events as well as share information and technology to the world (gensanexchange.com, philippinelawblog.com, skeptronsolutions.com, yamangensan.ph, etc).

GUZMAN FAMILY (Tondo, Manila - Metro Manila)

  • Emiliano Guzman, 48 - Father
  • Anicia Guzman, 47 - Mother
  • Anne Gabrielle Guzman, 20 - Daughter
  • Anne Mimille Guzman, 18 - Daughter

Each member of the Guzman family plays an important role in their advocacy to help other children of poor families cope with cancer. For 16 years, the family has been conducting storytelling, art therapy and gift giving activities for their beneficiaries in Payatas and Tondo. From the father, Emiliano - who influences his colleagues to join in their cause - to the daughters, who use their talents in dancing and writing to entertain cancer patients and raise funds for them, all of them believe that it is their calling to give joy to the deprived and the hopeless. They are also active donors and volunteers at the Kingdom Kids Orphanage and a regular supporter and partner of Museo Pambata.

Learn more about their story by watching this VIDEO

BANZUELA FAMILY (Dagupan City - Luzon)

  • Romeo Banzuela, 43 - Father
  • Clarivel Banzuela, 41 - Mother
  • Romy Carlo Banzuela, 17 - Son
  • Rain Ciara Banzuela, 15 - Daughter
  • Rae Cyril Banzuela, 12 - Son

The Banzuela family is united in their fight to protect and nurture the environment. The whole family spearheads environment-related activities with groups such as the Youth for Environment in Schools' Organization (Yes-O) and the Boquic National High School: from mangrove planting, waste segregation and recycling, to participating in cleaning and greening project. Proof that social status should not hinder anybody from making a difference, the family believes that these initiatives are crucial not only in preventing calamities, but also in preserving the environment that gives livelihood to the people in their community. Through actively involving others in their advocacies, they are also able to strengthen relationships with their friends and neighbors.

Learn more about their story by watching this VIDEO

RAMOS FAMILY (Bacolod City - Visayas)

  • Rey Ramos, 45 - Father
  • Mae Ramos, 42 - Mother
  • Clarine Mae Ramos, 12 - Daughter
  • Catherine Ann Ramos, 5 - Daughter
  • Christian Michael Ramos, 4 - Son
  • Christian Rey Ramos - Son

From developing innovative environment-friendly products that help local communities to providing counseling for poor families, the Ramos family has always been resourceful in coming up with ways to reach out to others. Rey, a college professor, designs and develops eco-friendly products to aid communities that are often affected by calamities. Mae complements her husband's work by actively participating in community service. Through the free counseling she gives, she has helped instill a positive attitude in each and every family in the community that she has encountered and inspired them to help one another. On top of their respective efforts, the family is also active in their church and has opened their home to serve as a venue for Sunday school.

Learn more about their story by watching this VIDEO

BUTIC FAMILY (Malaybalay, Bukidnon - Mindanao)

  • Alex Butic, 48 - Father
  • Anna Marcia Butic, 39 - Mother
  • Nathalie Butic, 13 - Daughter
  • Aldrian Butic, 12 - Son
  • Alexies Mar Butic, 7 - Son

For 15 years, the Butic family has been consistently helping the community by providing jobs, financial assistance and resources essential in sustaining the needs of the people. Having come from an Ifugao background, the family works closely with groups like Bukidnon Indigenous and Ifugao Lumad and recruits people from their group to farm their land. Part also of the tradition of the Butic family is to share the blessings they receive with the farmers who work hard in their farm to ensure a bountiful harvest. The family also shares the produce from their farm with their church and the community having been closely working with these groups. By living the values of sharing, loving and respecting one another, they continue to be a model family in their community.

Learn more about their story by watching this VIDEO

CARDENTE FAMILY (Kabasalan, Zamboanga Sibugay - Mindanao)

  • Jason Cardente, 35 - Father
  • Jennifer Cardente, 34 - Mother
  • Esther Joy Cardente, 13 - Daughter
  • Joshua James Cardente, 12 - Son
  • Nick Jay Cardente, Son

From a life filled with difficulties and trials, Jason Cardente's life and disposition changed when he started his own family. His wife and his children inspired him to work for different advocacies, especially those that provide aid for underprivileged students. The entire family has since made it their mission to champion the causes that help children excel in life through organizations such as Tzu Chi, Sibugay Funds for Little Kids, and the Ipil District Rotary Club. Their fund-raising project Yellow Dorm of Hope and School Home provided free housing to deserving students, while the Sibugay Funds for Little Kids helped raise funds for the school supplies of poor students. The family's work extends to areas around Zamboanga Sibugay such as Kabasalan, Payao, Siay and Ipil. As a family, they are an epitome of love, hope, kindness, and voluntarism in their community.

Learn more about their story by watching this VIDEO


  • Danilo, 44 - Father
  • Jacqueline, 42 - Mother
  • Jefferson John, 18 - Son
  • Aaron James, 17 - Son
  • Dhaline Joy, 11 - Daughter

The Rayo family firmly believes that every child deserves a good education. Parents Danny and Jacqueline offer scholarships to 10 students of God’s Little Light Academy, a school that they own and where they serve as the principal and a teacher, respectively. They also sponsor 10 public school students, giving them a monthly stipend. In addition, the family provides their scholars with a complete set of uniforms, shoes and school supplies. They also hold free weekly classes for out-of-school youth in their community.

For 10 years, the Rayo family has also been active in feeding and outreach programs, funded by their own income and donations from friends. From helping 10 kids, the project has expanded to help 100 beneficiaries from 14 different barangays.

In addition, Pastor Danny volunteers his services to the Department of Social Welfare and Development’s Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps), conducting family development seminars to those living in the squatters’ area. He also offers values formation talks for new policemen and prisoners at the Manila Police Station 6.

BERNARDO FAMILY (LUZON – Daet, Camarines Norte)

  • Rex, 43 – Father
  • Marissa, 42 – Mother
  • Rexmar Christian, 18 – Son

Rather than letting challenges get the best of him, Rex used them as motivation to succeed and make a difference in others’ lives. And despite his disability, he has carried over this positive outlook in life to his wife and kids.

Rex started a group called CODES, or Concerned Disabled Students, during his college days which worked to make their school more accessible and for the curriculum to accommodate PWDs for subjects such as Physical Education and ROTC. He has continued this advocacy for PWDs as a family man, with his wife and son supporting him in his endeavor. In 2010, he spearheaded lobbying for the establishment of the Persons with Disability Affairs Office (PDAO) in their hometown, which was set up two years later. This year, he also worked with an NGO to provide underprivileged PWDs with 40 customized wheelchairs.

Together the family is part of the Gawad Kalinga and actively volunteers for the organization’s projects, including the Time to Share program which benefits close to 700 students. In addition, Marissa heads their local parish’s social ministry group and leads regular feeding programs for homeless children and elderly people in their community. As a student council officer, Rexmar Christian also encourages and mobilizes his schoolmates to get involved and do their share. Last year, he and his father organized the Jesse Robredo Youth Leadership Seminar, which benefitted 200 student leaders.

SUPANGA FAMILY (LUZON – Cabusao, Camarines Sur)

  • Jose, 52 – Father
  • Gloria, 53 – Mother
  • Howel, 24 – Son
  • Karl Clovis, 20 – Son
  • Maria Angela, 18 - Daughter
  • Maria Shiela, 17 - Daughter

The Supanga family believes that there are countless ways to help their fellowmen. Working with Gawad Kalinga, they regularly organize feeding programs in depressed areas in their community. The Supangas also have an annual clothes donation drive, which has been making Christmas brighter for underprivileged children of Cabusao. Apart from his family, Jose, who is a teacher, also encourages his students to get involved in the project.

Last year, Jose and Gloria initiated the Lakaw Laban sa Dengue (Walk Against Dengue) campaign in their town, working with healthcare organizations and barangay officials to raise awareness about dengue prevention. The family also conducts values formation and leadership talks in their community, with the Supanga siblings teaching their fellow youth how to play musical instruments for free.

ELIO FAMILY (VISAYAS – Lau-an, Antique)

  • Egidio, 56 – Father
  • Thelma Marie, 50 – Mother
  • Adrian Christopher, 21 – Son
  • Patrick Bernard, 20 – Son
  • Charlene Lorraine, 16 - Daughter

Couple Egidio and Thelma Marie are both doctors, working as a urologist and an OB-Gyne, respectively. Dedicated to saving and making lives better for the less fortunate, they organize regular medical missions that focus on remote communities with limited access to healthcare, tapping likeminded health professionals, and various government and private organizations.

In 2002, they headed the Tabang Antique medical mission, which is said to be the biggest in Philippine history, and flew 280 doctors and nurses from Manila to Antique. The project lasted for almost five days and helped 10,000 patients, including those who needed cataract operations. Over the years, this medical mission expanded in the province and has provided multi-specialty medical and surgical missions, including ophthalmology, dental, urology and prostate healthcare, to the community They also took on several special cases, including that of a young patient whose brain was exposed, as well as cleft lip and cleft palate patients.

To help their parents out, children Adrian Christopher, Patrick Bernard and Charlene Lorraine screen the patients and prepare their records, and are also in charge of packing medicines for them. This contributes to the easier facilitation of check-ups and enables their parents to attend to as many as 200 patients in two hours. Charlene also prepares presentations, posters and other materials to urge other kindhearted people to help them out.

LIM FAMILY (MINDANAO – Sta. Maria, Zamboanga City)

  • Anton Mari, 47 – Father
  • Marie Joyce, 45 – Mother
  • Jan Carlo Anton, 9 – Son

The Lim family is united in their mission to reach out to those in need through projects geared towards education and providing medical assistance. In 2010, Dr. Anton co-founded the Yellow Boat Foundation, whose initial undertaking was the building of boats for children living in coastal communities so that they would not have to swim just to get to school. Through the years, the organization’s projects also extended to providing educational assistance, livelihood opportunities and medical health programs. They have also built dormitories for deserving students, including those who had to hike for five hours each day.

Dr. Anton and Marie Joyce are also the pioneer volunteers of the Tzu Chi Foundation in Zamboanga. This group provides medical and surgical missions, as well as educational programs to poor communities, especially the elderly and children. They also set up the Tzu Chi Great Love Eye Center for people who cannot afford eye treatments and surgeries, and has helped more than 2,000 patients so far.

Dr. Anton also initially treated Kabang, the hero dog who rescued two children from a potentially fatal motorcycle crash. He sought help from various organizations to help Kabang, who had suffered severe facial deformities and infection, get much-need medical treatment and surgery outside the country.

Jollibee-Coca-Cola Global Pinoy Family of the Year

DUQUE FAMILY (London, United Kingdom)

  • Michael, 40 – Father
  • Glenda, 39 – Mother
  • Helina Michaela, 13 – Daughter
  • Christopher Glenn, 10 – Son
  • Mark Gabriel, 3 - Son

Based in London, United Kingdom, the Duque family is proof that kindness and generosity are inherent in every Filipino, no matter where in the world they may be. In 2003, Michael established the Philippine Nurses Association of the United Kingdom (PNA-UK) to address the challenges Filipino nurses face in the UK. The organization worked with the Philippine Embassy and various health and government sectors, as well as nursing and trade union groups, to develop what is now known as the Overseas Nursing Program (ONP). This provides Pinoy nurses with workshops and trainings that tackle immigration and fair labor practices, finance and investment issues, and employment opportunities.

Other members of the family also play an active role in the organization, taking on coordination, logistics planning and preparation of materials for the various talks. Glenda conducts baking workshops, while the Duque kids look after the younger children of the organization’s members, and arrange playgroups and cultural programs.

Special Citation for OFW Family

Carmona Family (Oriental Mindoro)

  • Cirilo, 75 – Father
  • Vilma, 70 – Mother
  • Glenn Cireneo, 47 – Son
  • Cheselden George, 46 – Son
  • Cirilo Jay, 43 – Son
  • Ivan Willis, 38 - Son
  • Tullip Majette, 36 - Daughter

The Carmona family may be separated by physical distance, but they are united by their common desire to make a difference in the lives of others. For 12 years now, they have been bringing holiday cheer to poor communities in their native Oriental Mindoro, giving away special Christmas packages to various families. The Carmona children, who are working in Laguna, Spain, Bahrain and the US, fund the project, while their parents Cirilo and Vilma pack and distribute the packages.

The Carmona family also harnesses the power of social media, mobilizing their Facebook contacts to help in their advocacies. They were able to collect encyclopedias, books and reading materials for five public high schools, as well as computer sets and school supplies for other schools in their hometown. Moved by the sight of Mangyan students who received their diplomas barefoot, the family also raises funds to provide indigenous communities with slippers.


Cubao, Quezon City

With Special Citation for Persons with Disability

  • Octavio, 70 – Father
  • Felicite Jean, 67 – Mother
  • Dakila, 41 – Son
  • Magiting, 36 – Son
  • Marangal, 35 – Son
  • Mayumi, 33 – Daughter

For many Filipinos, love for family goes beyond one’s kin, extending to their fellowmen who are in need. Among these kind-hearted souls is the Gonzales family, who has made it their advocacy to raise awareness about autism and offer support to other families who has a loved one with this same condition.

After their second son Magiting was diagnosed with autism in 1982, Octavio and Jean became active in various organizations that provide support to people with autism. Realizing that there was a lack of knowledge and understanding on how to handle this condition in the Philippines, they used their own savings and sought help from their relatives so that Jean can undergo training in the US and share what she had learned with others back home.

In 1999, the Gonzales couple established the Philippine Association for Citizens with Developmental and Learning Disabilities, Inc. (PACDLD), which provides counseling and livelihood programs for parents of children with autism, as well as art workshops for kids. In partnership with the Department of Health, the organization also holds seminars on helping identify children with disabilities, providing training to daycare teachers, rural health units, and barangay health workers.

The PACDLD also put up Parent Resource Centers in different areas across the country, where parents from poor communities can bring their children to get checked up and diagnosed for free. At present, they have helped construct four Parent Resource Centers nationwide: National Children’s Hospital and Marikina City Health Office (both in 2008), Baguio General Hospital (2009), and Zamboanga General Hospital (2010).

National Children’s Hospital and Marikina City Health Office (both in 2008), Baguio General Hospital (2009), and Zamboanga General Hospital (2010). The family’s efforts through the years have benefited about 10,000 families nationwide, from Metro Manila, Baguio, and even as far as Zamboanga. Dakila, the eldest who is based in Europe, helps fund the family’s projects and seeks assistance from like-minded donors abroad, while Mayumi, a teacher who specializes in autism, acts as a consultant for regular schools with special kids. Octavio and his son Marangal also provide sports trainings for persons with special needs, including boccia, a ball sport for those with cerebral palsy, and bocce, a game for people with intellectual disabilities.


Cavite City

With Special Citation for Children

  • Harnin "Tatz" Manalaysay, 47 – Father
  • Martha Manalaysay, 70 – Grandmother
  • Cris “Kesz” Valdez, 15 – Adopted Son
  • KeruxBonifacioManalaysay, 2 – Adopted Son

The Manalaysay family is proof that family is about connection and commitment, and is not limited to blood ties. Harnin, or Tatz, has been involved in various projects and activities for the benefit of children in need. In 1985, he established Club 8586, a Bible study group for young boys and girls. Over the years, the organization grew to offer literacy and values formation programs, sports festivals, and talent enhancement activities, using education to dissuade poor kids from joining gangs.

Since 1992, Harnin has also been holding weekly tutoring sessions for street children, teaching them basic spelling and math, and proper hygiene. His work with homeless kids led him to cross paths with Cris "Kesz" Valdez. The young boy started scavenging at two years old to earn money for his family and would often run away from home, sleeping on the streets and open tombs to avoid beatings from his father.

When he was five, while playing at the dumpsite with his fellow scavengers, Kesz fell into a pile of burning tires and sustained severe burns. It was Harnin who rescued him and had him treated. The young boy’s mother told Harnin to keep the young boy, saying that they did not want him back. Harnin adopted Kesz and became his legal guardian, raising him and other kids as his own.

Inspired by the generosity of his father figure and mentor, Kesz established his own foundation—the Championing Community Children (C3)—when he was seven years old. With the guidance of Harnan, the young boy and his friends raised funds to provide toys, hygiene kits and slippers to poor children. He also took his program a step further, regularly going to impoverished communities to teach kids basic hygiene habits and children's rights.

Because of his efforts, Kesz has helped more than 10,000 kids in Cavite and was awarded the International Children's Peace Prize. He was also hailed by Nobel Laureate Desmond Tutu and the philanthropic community as a symbol of hope and a 'new voice for voiceless' children around the world.

Harnin is also known as the mentor of 2009 CNN Hero of the Year EfrenPeñaflorida, the man behind the Dynamic Teen Company and KaritonKlasrum, which uses pushcarts as mobile classrooms to provide quality education to street children and out-of-school youth.


Pandacan, Manila

With Special Citation for Children

  • Emilio, 48 – Father, deceased
  • Rachel, 48 – Mother
  • Michel Anne, 21
  • Chemil, 18
  • Merielle, 16
  • John Emil, 12
  • Rachel Ann, 10
  • Micah, 7

Amid their daily struggles to make ends meet, the Palacio family generously shares their time and effort to help other families in need. They are active volunteers of the Families and Children for Empowerment and Development (FCED), a non-profit organization that promotes social and economic development in depressed areas in Manila.

After her husband passed away six years ago, Rachel was left to care for their six young children. Despite having been relocated to Cabuyao, Laguna, Rachel decided to stay in the slums in Manila so that her children, many of whom are scholars of various institutions, could go to school. She provides for the family by working as a laundrywoman, earning P500 per week.

As an FCED volunteer, Rachel goes to different areas to teach values and basic reading and writing to street children under five years old. She visits these communities on foot, opting to save the P80 transportation allowance she gets every session for her family’s needs. She is also involved in parenting sessions in various barangays and is in charge of monitoring the community savings of the foundation’s beneficiaries, visiting each of the 10 communities weekly without any compensation.

Michel, Chemil and Merielle also participate in the child development sessions and youth trainings of FCED, facilitating peer-to-peer activities tackling topics such as bullying.


Pandacan, Manila

  • Gilmore, 45 – Father
  • Judilyn, 45 – Mother
  • JeaGiezl, 20
  • Geoffrey Jules, 15

The Solidum family uses their expertise and talents to educate the public about dengue prevention. The parents are active with the Dengue ReMove Program, a commissioned research of the Department of Science and Technology – National Research Council of the Philippines (DOST - NRCP), with Dr. Judilyn heading the eco-socioeconomic arm of the project and Dr. Gilmore serving as research specialist.

To further raise awareness about dengue, the couple created the storybooks Moskee Ang Bampiranglamok, Dinudugosi Dino, and Huwag MOKONG Kagatin: Ang KwentongBatang Na-dengue.Published by the DOST-NRCP, these books shed light on how people can prevent mosquito infestation, symptoms of dengue, and the actions one should take in case he gets dengue fever.The family brings these books to life during storytelling sessions in different schools in Metro Manila that are known as dengue hotspots, as well as at the Philippine General Hospital and Manila Zoo. The daughter, Jea, serves as the main storyteller.

Dr. Judy also created workbooks and a coloring book on dengue, which parents and their preschoolers can work on together. The son, Geoff, did the illustration of these books and composed two songs about dengue called Dengue Slayer akoand AedesAegypti.

The Solidum family also holds the annualKwentoConcierto, a benefit storytelling concert. The proceeds of this endeavor go to the dialysis fund of the pediatric kidney patients of the PGH.


Taguig City

  • Nestor, 57 – Father
  • Maryann, 57 – Mother
  • Pinky Serrano Mainar, 33
  • Nassam Nestor Samuel Serrano, 32
  • Dannes Nestor Daniel Serrano, 29
  • Neavid Nestor David Serrano, 27

The Serrano family is a staunch advocate of children’s education. Pastor Nestor and his wife Maryann, a professor, founded the Champions Alive Foundation, with the goal of providing free education to out of school youth and adults (OSYA). The organization gives free review classes for underprivileged Filipinos from 15 to 66 years old, and is committed to helping keep children off the streets and away from drugs, petty crime and other bad habits.

Each of the Serrano children also heads the various projects of the Champions Alive Foundation. The eldest daughter, Pinky, serves as the supervisor of their free daycare program, which benefits 40 students. Nessam leads their Alternative Learning System, an educational program for those who want to attend classes, but are unable to do so because of work. Daniel heads the family’s music and youth ministry, which offers voice lessons and classes on how to play the violin, guitar, organ, and piano. The youngest, David, is in charge of the free weekly taekwondo classes, teaching martial arts to 30 to 50 students.

The Serranos also have outreach and feeding programs, sharing their blessings to impoverished communities in Ilocos, Baguio and Antipolo.


San Jose, California

Jollibee-Coca-Cola Global Pinoy Family of the Year

With Special Citation for Education

  • Clif Wilcox, 65 – Father
  • Melissa Villa-Wilcox, 50 – Mother
  • Francesca Villa – Mateo, 22 – Daughter
  • Juan Villa, 49 – Brother of Melissa

The Villa-Wilcox family proves that love and generosity know no boundaries. In 2008, they founded Project PEARLS (Peace, Education, Aspiration, Respect, Love, Smiles), that provides educational, scholarship and feeding programs to underprivileged childrenin Bulacan, Manila, and Zamboanga, as well as Dagupan, Caloocan, Guimaras, and Masbate.

The family embarked on their advocacy when mom Melissa started helping send the daughters of her childhood friend to school. She realized that their extra savings in dollars can go a long way back home in the Philippines and began sending school supplies to kids living in different slum communities.

In the summer of 2010, Melissa was also introduced to the children of Ulingan, a slum area in Tondo that earns a living by making charcoal (uling). Since then, Project PEARLS centered their outreach efforts for the community. They have a weekly feeding program, offer scholarship grants, and hold quarterly medical mission for the families there, even after they were relocated to Bocaue, Bulacan.

All the members of the Villa-Wilcox family play an active role in the various outreach activities of their organization. Melissa serves as the Executive Director, leading the group in developing outreach programs and getting the help of volunteers to extend help to more and more children, while dad Clif and daughter Francesca help in fundraising events and developing educational programs. Melissa’s brother Juan acts as the Team Leader in the Philippines, overseeing the programs and outreach events in the different areas.

Other Recipients of Special Citations



Special Citation for the Environment

  • Eduardo Tadeo, 42 – Father
  • Stela Marie, 41 – Mother
  • Samantha Mae, 11

In 2011, the Hagad family bought a property in Daliaon, Davao City. They found out that the area did not have a stable water supply and residents had to walk one kilometer to get water from a communal deep well. They decided to fund and lead the construction of a waterworks system, working with the barangay and other experts so that the community would have access to water. Eduardo’s brother also helped manage and oversee the project while the family was in Singapore.

The Hagad family and their relatives also give back to the community through gift-giving programs. They prepare school bags and other school supplies for underprivileged children from five to 12 years old. In addition, the family donated medical devices such as blood pressure monitors with stethoscopes, nebulizers and wheelchairs to the barangay health center.


Victoria, Oriental Mindoro

Special Citation for Minority Groups

  • Alvin, 45 – Father
  • Rina, 43 – Mother
  • Hanna Angelica, 17
  • Lorenzo Luis, 15
  • Josh Pypers, 14
  • Hanna Vianney, 11

A teacher at the Aurelio Arago National High School, Alvin observed that many Mangyan students drop out of classes because of various struggles. Some of them have to walk 30 kilometers for five hours or go by boat, paying a P250 monthly fee, just to get to school. This motivated him to establish BalayLakoy, a home center for Mangyan students who live far from the campus.

While Alvin is in charge of screening the students who want to stay at BalakLakoy, his wife Rina acts as a second mother to the pupils who live there, teaching them about good values and proper hygiene.

The family is also involved in other projects such as the HapagngPamilyangMindoreño, helping facilitate pre-cana seminars for couples who are getting married. Alvin and his brothers also send 14 scholars to Aurelio Arago National High School.

The Domulot Family of Botolan, Zambales

  • Carlito, 57 – Father
  • Iril, 56 – Mother
  • Christopher, 34 – Son
  • Carol, 27 – Daughter
  • Noel, 25 – Son
  • Karen, 24 – Daughter
  • Catherine, 23 - Daughter
  • Carmen, 22 - Daughter
  • Cora, 21 - Daughter
  • Carlito jr., 15 - Son

The Domulot family helped acquire and protect the ancestral domain of more than 50,000 Aeta families, to whom the land rightfully belongs.

The Mambuay Family of Opol, Misamis Oriental

  • Nathaniel, 55 – Father
  • Amina, 48 – Mother
  • Lara Angelie, 25 – Daughter
  • Sarah Adrianne, 24 – Daughter
  • Farrah Asleigh, 20 – Daughter

The Mambuays conduct community training to promote mutual respect and understanding among Muslims and Christians in different barangays and municipalities.

The Peña Family of Dasmariñas City, Cavite

  • Alfredo, 52 – Father
  • Ma. Janette, 52 – Mother
  • Anthea Carmeli, 21 – Daughter
  • Angelico Amir, 15 – Son
  • Jan Amille, 9 – Son

The Peña family raises awareness about autism, heading capacity-building programs that empower not only persons with disabilities (PWDs), but also their families.

The Rojas Family from Quezon City

  • Emerito, 57 – Father
  • Voleta, 56 – Mother
  • Elaine Rose, 30 – Daughter
  • Erika Anne, 29 – Daughter
  • Einstein, 24 – Son
  • Edward, 21 – Son

The family’s patriarch, Emer established the New Vois Association of the Philippines (NVAP), addressing PWD issues and cancer awareness, and together with his wife Voleta, spearheaded the passage of two major health laws.

The Tiosan Family from Cainta, Rizal

  • Dante, 61 – Father
  • Elna, 56 – Mother
  • Paul, 32 – Son
  • Dianne, 31 – Daughter

The Tiosan established VIBES (“Visually Impaired Brotherhood for Excellent Services”), provides skills and social development training to the visually impaired at no cost, equipping them with the abilities they need to earn livelihood.

The Jollibee-Coca-Cola Global Pinoy Family of the Year: The Gange Family of San Jose, California

  • George, 63 – Father
  • Melinda, 62 – Mother
  • Michael, 40 – Son
  • George, Jr., 37 – Son

The Gange family helps uplift the lives of the less fortunate through Pagyamanin Likas Musika, which has helped underprivileged children improve their self-esteem, character and gain livelihood through music.

Special Citation for Environment: The Basa Family of Roxas City, Capiz

  • Rommel, 48 – Father
  • Analy, 44 – Mother
  • Cyprian Jade, 19 – Son
  • Zyque Faith, 17 – Daughter

The Basa family is active in environmental advocacies, including the “Sagip Kalikasan, Sagip Buhay” project that provides alternative life vests using recycled plastic bottles. They also pioneered the “Farmers Project,” educating and training more than 500 farmers about making alternative organic pesticides.

Special Citation for Education: The Capilos Family from Quezon City

  • Jelson, 32 – Father
  • Hyacinth, 34 – Mother
  • Anastacia, 6 – Daughter
  • Alessandra, 5 – Daughter
  • Amarissa, 1 month – Daughter

Driven by their passion for education, the Capilos family established EducAid, which offers monthly seminars, trainings, and workshops to public school teachers for free.

Special Citation for Minority Groups: The Catanghal Family of Pasig City

  • Ernie, 43 – Father
  • Rosalie, 44 – Mother
  • Lorniel Cid, 21 – Son
  • Francis Erl, 15 – Son
  • Eanda Franciel, 14 – Daughter

The Catanghal family is united in caring for the Mangyan tribe in Mindoro, conducting regular feeding programs and seminars on proper hygiene practices for the indigenous people.

Special Citation for PWDs: The Mendoza Family of Puerto Princesa, Palawan

  • Matthew, 43 – Father
  • Angeli Natasha, 43 – Mother
  • Bea Angela, 15 – Daughter
  • Kyla Natasha, 12 – Daughter
  • Luke Matthew, 9 – Son

The Mendoza family organizes medical missions for persons with disabilities in Palawan and spearheads the Special Olympics in Palawan.

Special Citation for Children: The Ramirez Family of Quezon City

  • Edsel, 42 – Father
  • Jennifer Rose, 42 – Mother
  • Jessica Anne Nicole, 21 – Daughter
  • Justine Gabrielle, 13 – Daughter

The Ramirez family established the Philippine Toy Library (PTL), which transforms idle spaces in barangays, schools, parishes, and partner organizations into toy libraries that serve as fun and educational playrooms.

Basa Family, Roxas City, Capiz

  • Rommel Basa, 48, father
  • Analy Basa, 45, Mother
  • Cyprian Basa, 20
  • Zyque Basa, 18

The Basa family believes in the power of community development and this passion was strongly shared by their two children who pursued various initiatives. Their eldest child, Cyp, has led community efforts since he was in high school and has pioneered Farmers Project in 2011 which has educated and trained more than 500 farmers in alternative pesticides. The younger child, Zyque, followed the footsteps of her brother by initiating community efforts that empowered people with disabilities in partnership with Balay Dalyunan. As a family, they have launched and implemented various projects such as Sama Sama Tayong Lahat Organization, Exit Youth Capiz, Awit Para Sa Mga Bata, Sagip Kalikasan, Sagip Buhay, Project Smile, feeding programs, as well as relief operations and stress debriefing after Typhoon Yolanda hit their province. Rommel and Analy are heavily involved in the projects of their kids, serving as their advisers and sponsors.

Bumacas Family, Gapan City, Nueva Ecija

Special Citation for Minority Groups

  • Donato Bumacas, 47, father
  • Merlita Bumacas, 48, Mother
  • Lovelie Bumacas, 25
  • Ledona Bumacas, 21
  • Ledona Bumacas, 19

Donato Bumacas is a proud member of the Kalinga tribe. Beset with difficulties commonly encountered by people belonging to minority groups, he worked hard to become a teacher. He believes after all that education is the greatest equalizer and his best tool to promote the welfare of his tribe. After earning his PhD from Kalinga Apayao State University in 1996, he, along with his family, began their advocacy of educating and providing for the needs of Indigenous People. Mr. Bumacas fought hard to create awareness and lobby for the rights of the minority groups like the Kalingas, Aetas, Badjao and Igorots. The Bumacas family also conducts feeding programs, provide school supplies, and even a water pump for the Aetas. The family is also heavily involved in environmental protection and reforestation. *The Bumacas Family is also the recipient of this years special citation for Minority Groups.

Cabalza Family, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan Valley

  • Ian Cabalza, 39, father
  • Cecilia Cabalza, 39, Mother
  • Christopher Bryce Cabalza, 15
  • Franz Cabalza, 5

Dr. Cablaza began conducting free medical and surgical missions in 2006, around the same time that he set up a small clinic in his home. The facility offers minor surgeries and consultations, servicing medical needs of children, adults, and the elderly. His clinic oversees about 20 to 30 patients in a given day. Every month, the entire Cabalza family leaves the comfort of their town to extend medical assistance via their missions in various barangays, towns, and depressed areas in Tuguegarao, and Cagayan Valley, benefitting over 500 patients for each run. The family also provides schools with first aid kids and medicines through the Brigada Eskwela initiative. They also provide free basic life support and first aid training to caregivers, nurses and barangay health workers.

Castaneda Family, Tandang Sora, Quezon City

  • Victor A. Castaneda, 52, Father
  • Elizabeth Cheche T. Castaneda, 50, Mother
  • Emalinda Victoria Evee T. Castaneda, 24

The birth of the I love Enzoe: Fight Against Cancer Foundation was borne out of the tragedy of losing a dear member of their family, little Enzoe, in 2011. Victor and Cheches son Enzo was diagnosed with liver cancer at 2 years old. At his tender age, Enzo would always ask his mom whenever they go out for check-ups to buy candies for the indigent children of the East Avenue Medical Center. Enzos generous heart gave his parents the inspiration to set up a foundation named after him when the little boy passed away. The family-run foundation has since provided for the needs of cancer patients in the EAMC by extending financial assistance, sponsoring chemotherapies, and donating wheelchairs and patients beds. The family has also sponsored childrens parties and school activities to help young patients experience life to the fullest. The family is also involved in Christmas gift-giving activities in Tondo.

SOla Family, Project 6, Quezon City

Special Citation for Children

  • Joe Dean Sola, 53, Father
  • Ardis Sola, 56, Mother
  • Jerome Sola, 20
  • Therese Sola, 19
  • Marian Sola, 10

The Sola family dedicate their lives to helping street children by providing their basic needs such as food and education. Their foundation, He Cares Mission Street Children Caring Center, was founded in 1997 and has already produced 19 college graduates, one of whom is already a successful architect working in Abu Dhabi. What initially began as an intervention for street children through values formation has transformed into an organization that develops children using a holistic approach. Their program has several components including: Balik Aral, Balik Kalusugan, Balik Loob sa Diyos, Balik Bahay, and Balik Hanapbuhay. Each family member has grown to love and accept their roles in the advocacy that their parents have instilled in them. *The Sola Family is also this years recipient of the Special Citation for Children.

PAR Family, Saudi Arabia

Global Pinoy Gamily Category

  • Marciano Par Jr., 45, Father
  • Josephine Par, 47, Mother
  • Marc Joseph Par, 15
  • Marc Ian Par, 5

The Par family proves through their ASTIG OFWCC (Overseas Filipino Workers Cooperative Council) program that wherever Filipinos are in the world, they are always willing to lend an extra hand to help one another. The ASTIG OFWCC, led by couple Marciano and Josephine Par, is a Filipino group formed in Saudi Arabia that aims to help and support Filipinos working and living with their families. Through Marcianos leadership, the 40-member group regularly conducts several activities, including dinners for a cause which helped not just strengthen ties among the Filipino community but also extend relief during disasters, distribute school supplies, conduct medical missions and education and livelihood seminars, and provide temporary shelter for OFWs through a Tent City. The entire Par family is dedicated to this cause by making sure they lend a hand in packing the supplies, distributing relief goods, and by providing support to families away from home.

Arquiza Family, Daet, Camarines Norte

Special Citation for Education

  • Reynaldo, 67, Father
  • Juliet, 66, Mother
  • Rey Franco, 38, Son
  • Maria Regina, 32, Daughter
  • Gemmalyn, 32, Daughter

The Arquiza family knows the importance of good education. Siblings Rey, Soledad, Regina and Gemmalyn consider themselves fortunate for getting scholarships that allowed them to study in reputable schools. Aiming to share their blessings, they established Aklatan sa Kostal in 2013.Aklatan sa Kostal currently benefits four barangaysPambuhay, Magsalongsalong, Hinipan, and Matoogtogin their province of Daet, Camarines Norte. The library initially housed books owned by the family and has since grown to include donations from relatives, friends, and other concerned citizens. Now, it carries titles for all levels, benefiting more students from nearby universities, schools, and daycare centers. Aside from books, the library has computers and audio-visual equipment such as television sets and DVD players, which are used for film showings. Aside from Aklatan sa Kostal, the Arquiza family also distributes free school supplies to underprivileged pupils and provides scholarships to deserving students. They are also planning to develop mobile libraries to bring the gift of education to more areas.

cabading Family, Pasonanca, Zamboanga City

Special Citation for Environment

  • Alejandro, 54, Father
  • Lilibeth, 47, Mother
  • Lanvin, 27, Son
  • Diane Angeli, 26, Daughter
  • Alejandro Jr., 23, Son
  • Christine Joy, 15, Daughter

The Cabading familys advocacies focus on caring for Mother Earth and improving the lives of those in need. Concerned about the deterioration of Zamboangas underwater treasures, the family initiated Scubasurero in 2006, a clean-up drive which also involves volunteer scuba divers from Cebu and Bohol. Together, their efforts help to clean and preserve the rich waters of Zamboangas coastline. Aside from the Scubasurero initiative, the family also established the Hope for Kids Zamboanga Foundation, Inc. which aims to help orphans. They also offer scholarship to commendable students, and lead medical and dental programs that reach out to less fortunate people.

San Gabriel-Eng Family, San Francisco, California

Special Citation for Youth Empowerment

  • Harry, 49, Father
  • Mailou, 47, Mother
  • Cassie, 12, Daughter

The San Gabriel-Eng family is united in their goal to share their blessings and uplift the lives of those in need. Despite living in the United States, they keep their fellow Filipinos close to their hearts and do what they can to help the disadvantaged. At a young age, Cassie has been exposed to volunteer work by her parents, who are tireless supporters of various charitable organizations. Since turning six years old, she always celebrates her birthday by leading fundraising activities that benefit various causes back home. She also started Cassies Bag of Dreams which raises funds that are spent on backpacks and school supplies that encourage underprivileged children to pursue their education.

Vizcocho Family, La Trinidad, Benguet

Special Citation for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs)

  • Noli, 63, Father
  • Isabelita, 63, Mother
  • Jacqueline, 36, Daughter
  • Jill, 34, Dughter
  • Jennette, 33, Dughter
  • Joana, 28, Daughter
  • Josef Noli, 24, Son

For the Vizcocho family, people with special needs should be given extra special care. Knowing the joys and challenges of having a loved one with autism, they have made it their mission to raise awareness about this condition. Noli and Isabelita founded the Baguio chapter of the Autism Society of the Philippines in 2000. The organization provides counseling and therapy sessions for those with autism, as well as support and guidance for their families. They also hold fun activities, such as photography workshops, to nurture the talents of children with autism.